A balance bike is a fashion trend or a truly useful for a child transport?

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First steps child is doing, holding hands loving parents, further demand is for walkers, strollers, bikes. But time passes and adult age 1.5 - 2 years wants independence and freedom in movement. is a mixture of a conventional Bicycle and a scooter, and this innovation is perfect for the kid.

the Ideal balance bike will be because it is much safer and easier bike. Foot to transport the baby is not Mature enough, and push off with your legs may already. As modern children become independent very early, very important for them to learn to do something under supervision, but without help from parents. A balance bike gives the child the necessary sense of personal freedom and confidence in their abilities. Baby will quickly learn the vehicle and learn to balance that later will give the opportunity to transfer immediately to a two-wheeled bike.

Since the balance bike is very stable in its structure, the risk to fall and hurt yourself when moving is minimal. A simple mechanism and a small number of parts provide reliable functionality and reduce the risk of breakage.

Another advantage is light weight. Every day mommy wants to go for a walk with baby in the Park or on the street. Large, heavy and bulky toys in our apartment buildings, small apartments and cramped elevators are not always convenient and transportable. A balance bike can handle and fragile girl, who recently became a mother, and a grandmother who wants to spend time with her grandchildren.

Most models allow you to adjust the seat height and handlebar height that allows the baby to ride in for several seasons, despite the increased growth. In addition, parents can always choose the universal color for velobag that will suit both the girl and the boy, if the baby will be brother or sister.

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