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People are at all times needed bread and circuses. Today, it is safe to say, absolutely nothing has changed. Now the first people get in different shops, cafes and restaurants. Well, the spectacle has replaced all sorts of concerts, shows and of course sports games, which we further discuss.

Sports industry is one of the most dominant, and possibly one of the few stable "institutions", which, as we know, will never waver. Baseball, football, volleyball, hockey became one of the most famous games in the world that people enjoy watching both live and on TV.

But why is the sports world so mesmerizing? Why in every bar, fitness centre and airport across the country there is a show playing sports? This is what we tell the employee of the online store that you can buy products to of sport.


Why do people like sports?

  • One reason: we like to feel that we are part of a community. For example, many people in the US remember the warm feeling they received when John Glue again and again went through the end zone against Ohio state in 2010. Probably many of them will never hug so many strangers in my life. Then, after the victory of the community of Badger was a single entity;
  • secondly, sporting events are current events that give people the opportunity to discuss them when there's nothing to talk about. Everyone loves to talk, and no one likes awkward pauses in the conversation. Thus, it is always possible to avoid these pauses, asking his friend if pitcher who less than two years away from Tommy John, could the pitcher retired for 2 years after the surgery cost $ 100 million, etc.;
  • But most importantly, the sports epic. The louder the bells and whistles, the brighter the lights, the more hot are the fans and the more popular the performers, the more will be the audience.

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