The main advantages of stainless steel cabinets


Not all laboratories are the same. Some of them have the basic requirements, some electrostatic dissipative requirements, some just have a clean room, and some require sterilization or microbial protection for the work they performed.

These labs require specialized laboratory furniture. In such laboratory conditions, the stainless steel cabinets and furniture is a necessary option. You ask: "Why?". Yes, because stainless steel has unique properties that make it perfect.

Let's look at the main advantages of these cabinets and tell us about them employee of the online store that you can buy them.


the Advantages of stainless steel cabinets:

  1. Bacterial and fungal resistance. Stainless steel is non-porous work surfaces, so no liquids, bacteria, fungus or mold can't penetrate it. This means that the bacteria, fungi and dirt have nowhere to hide;
  2. Resistance to moisture. Stainless steel made of mild steel, consisting of chromium and Nickel. Chromium makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Because rust is not a problem, moisture is not a problem. This means that stainless steel is ideal for wet labs, sinks and intense sterilization processes based on liquid;
  3. Chemical resistance. Stainless steel has significant chemical resistance. As a result, most salts, organic chemicals, solvents, biological stains, and certain acids and bases are not a problem;
  4. the Resistance. Nickel in stainless steel makes it heat resistant. It can withstand continuous heat exposure above 816 0 C. This means that stainless steel is an excellent choice for laboratories that use equipment with an open flame;
  5. Resistance. Metal composition of stainless steel makes it impact resistant. In laboratories is usually a lot of tools and equipment. While stainless steel can be dented, it is very difficult to puncture, so you don't have to worry about breaking through the clear coat (tree) or scraps of paint (metal). And, although it is not scratch resistant, it maintains its aesthetic beauty for long time.

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