Spear of Destiny

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Spear of Destiny

The meeting of Walter Stein and gloomy young man named Adolf Schicklgruber occurred in the summer of 1912. Then he did not know how it will be fateful. Indeed, in a poorly dressed, skinny and pale young man, it was difficult to find a tyrant, from whose name more than a dozen years will tremble the whole world.
the holy grailThe Viennese economist Walter Stein in the occult store bought second-hand edition of "Parsifal." The book was written in the 13th century. It tells about the Holy Grail - the cup from which during the Last Supper, Jesus drank wine. On the book's pages there were a lot of marks, left by the previous owner. They were mainly related to the benefits of the descendants of the Knights of the Teutonic Order before other people, and the occult. This is very interested Stein, and he asked the owner of the shop, if he can introduce him to the former owner of the book.
And so the meeting was held. A strange young man told that the interest in the occult emerged in him in his youth. In the sounding of the first notes of the Richard Vagner's opera "Rienzi" Adolf began to think that he sees the fate of the German nation in the history of the Roman Empire. And then he plunged into the world of German legends and myths, almost at the same time he began studying the occult, and in 1909 became a follower of the new cult, founded by a former monk, Dr. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, who refused from the Christian faith. occult AhnenerbeHaving settled in an old castle on the banks of the Danube River, he taught his followers the practical magic, mysticism and the occult. That was the first time when Adolf heard the legend, which influenced his whole life and has determined the course of world history.
Spear of DestinyLegend about the the Holy Spear, as well as about the Holy Grail was born in the Middle Ages. According to legend, the Roman legionary jabbed Jesus with his spear. After that, a soldier lost his mind, and in moments of enlightenment between the attacks of madness, he realized that he raised his hand on God. In that moment, the spear obtained a magical power.
As a historian, Stein was impressed with steadfast and holy for Schicklgruber faith in the magic of the Holy spear. Obsessed with him, he with feverish gleam in his eyes told that, once the Emperor Charlemagne, who has gained a victory in more than forty battles, owned this relic. Then Henry Fowler, who kicked Poles from eastern Germany. In the 12th century Frederick Barbarossa using the same spear was able to expel the Pope of Rome himself! "I felt the presence of powerful force, the presence of an incredibly powerful energy surrounding the spear. I realized that a great destiny awaits me, and that the blood flowing in my veins, would one day become the National Spirit of my people", - said Adolf Schicklgruber, when he first saw Spear in the Hofburg Museum.
Stein heard about this strange man, twelve years later. Now people in Germany, in Munich talking about him. Stein heard that some Hitler - an expert in the occult, the leader of small Nazis movement, has chosen ancient swastika as his symbolic. (In ancient India, from where this character came to the Vikings, this sign was a symbol of happiness.) In this man Stein recognized Adolf Schicklgruber. "Little Adi is faithful to himself - thought Stein - Vikings, Holy Spear, now swastika..." Fifteen years later a terrible shadow of the "bent cross" hung over almost the whole Europe.
Spear of Destiny Adolf HitlerEven reaching the heights power, Adolf remained faithful to himself. Thousands of people came to the ecstasy by seeing him, and he bewildering approximate people by his blind belief in omens. Albert Shleer, who serving minister of armaments at that time, remembered how in Munich, when the first stone of the museum of German art was laying, the silver hammer broke in the Hitler's hands. Fuhrer shuddered. Three months after this event, anxiety did not leave him. And in January 1934 appeared a message, that a Hitler's close friend - Paul Ludwig Troost, the chief architect of the museum has died. At once Hitler came to life, and said - "Friend has died - what a relief! Now the curse is removed, Troost had to die, not me." Those who do not known Hitler very well, were amazed and could not find an explanation of why he regarded with great suspicion to Heinrich Himmler, who was faithful to the Reich. Hitler carped to every his word, annoyed every time he saw a faithful companion. There was an explanation for such his behavior. Once Himmler dropped in the presence of the Fuehrer, that he is a current incarnation of Henry Fowler, who once had owned the Spear of Destiny. Hitler who considered himself a true rebirth of this monarch, probably did not attach any importance to this, if he had not seen the matching of names. This fact unpleasantly struck him. What if it is a sign? This thought led him to anger.
March 14, 1938, in Viennese Geldenplattse, Hitler announced about the connection of Austria and Great Reich. On that day Walter Stein was in the crowd on that square. He looked and did not recognize in the person on the platform that reserved young man, which once was Adolf. Hitler's dream come true - now the spear belonged to him. In the following year Adolf Hitler launched a full-scale military actions.
Even skeptical people began to believe in Fuhrer's supernatural abilities. Relying solely on his intuition, he successfully led one company for another. Ahnenerbe - special occult department assisted him in this.
Winston Cherchel knew about the allegiances of his opponent, and, in turn, by a special decree English-occult astrology department was created, it was headed by a Walter Stein, who miraculously escaped from occupied Vienna. He easily counted one or another reaction of the Fuhrer to the next prediction.
But has come the time, when no forces could influence the outcome of the war. Hitler continued to blindly believe in his invincibility, hoping for a miracle, jealously protecting the Holy Spear at the cost of thousands of lives.
Spear of DestinyOn a day when Adolf Hitler celebrated 56 years, the American army had entered the city. After 10 days was found a storage in which Lieutenant William Horne found an ancient relic. Falling on the knees, he picked up Spear of Destiny. At this time Adolf Schicklgruber squeezed the pistol's trigger. Everything was over for him on April 30 - the main holiday of the pagan calendar, the day of the forces of darkness - Walpurgis Night....

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