What are street lamps? How to choose the correct?


Street lamps, a unique tool that in a moment able to change the interior beyond recognition. A couple of light sources and any infield, dining, or cottage will look amazing.

Unique decorative illumination of flower beds, architectural structures, verandas, and outdoor lighting and can be used anywhere. Besides the aesthetic function, these devices perform a key task organization of lighting. The correct location of such lamps will give the opportunity to improve safety, as it will highlight problematic sections of the road.


Varieties of street lamps

there are 3 classification.


this group includes lights for decorative purposes and those that perform a functional task. First do not have high capacity and are used for lighting decorative elements of the interior beds, racks. The second is more powerful than decorative, and are used to illuminate roads, Parking lots, stairs.

By location

This classification is notable for two representatives from the fixtures for facade, landscape. As the name implies, the first used to illuminate walls and adjacent territories, the second to illuminate the garden. This kind of lamps can be easily fixed next to the tracks, or set straight into the ground.

installation method

There are wall-mounted, suspended, torshernye embedded. First attached to the wall, and applied to the partial illumination of the objects. The second set is on the ceiling of the porch bracket. Others have the form of a column with a lantern, these street lights are used for lighting a large area. Fourth are attached directly into the steps, stairs, house walls, or garden paths, the main function of the space separation.How to choose the right fixtures


When choosing consider the following:

  • Functional use. Initially you need to determine the purpose of the application. For lighting tablets bright spot light, path lighting soft light scattering torshernye lamps. In the illumination of flower beds used ground lights;
  • Technical characteristics. One of the most important degree of stability to the environment, protection from moisture.

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