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You should start the repair of any apartment from the top. Many people, who live in old apartments are well aware of the problem ceilings. Remember visible joints, poor plastering and lack of putty.
ceilingTo make your ceiling of flawless appearance, you must firstly prepare the basis. For this purpose, the surface should be cleaned of old finishing works and be aligned.
Many Russians have used traditional methods of finishing the ceiling - whitewashing, painting and paperhanging.

Let us analyze these methods in more details:

1. Whitewash - in this method the surface is covered with lime or chalk solution. The most economical and easy will be whitewash with lime. whitewashing of the ceilingMethods of preparation and applying the solution of lime are the same as when working with chalk paste. Is applied on the surface in the same way - with a brush or sprayer.
You also should be aware, that if earlier there was lime whitewash, then after chalk whitewash on the surface will appear divorces.
Since whitening is the cheapest way, so it carries with it certain disadvantages: it crumbles, very quickly turn gray and yellow.

2. A much more reliable method is painting of ceiling. painting of the ceilingTo obtain the most positive result of your labor, you need pay your attention on color choice and type of paint.

The most simple tips in choosing paint colors:

  • dark tone visually reduces the space and ceilings;
  • light tone not only expands the room, but also increases its height;
  • cold (blue) colors give a visual space of the room;
  • warm (red) colors create the opposite effect.

acrylic paints for the ceilingFor convenience of the ceiling painting use the most common water-dispersion (water-based) paints. During repair of a house or apartments more often are used acrylic paints.
Before starting the painting you should prepare the ceiling - clean it, as in the case of whitewashing of the ceiling. Acrylic paint is elastic and it is possible to close the crack up to 1 mm with it, to achieve this result - simply apply the paint in two layers.

3. Another method is more modern - its paperhanging. Special wallpapers of light tones are chosen for papering of the ceiling. taping of the ceiling with wallpaperUsually this is  wallpapers on the vlies base. They are strong, beautiful and simple to care for. Usually they are made for further painting, without final design. They can be painted by water dispersion paints.

4. The next type of repair is the most modern and expensive - its suspended ceilings. Using suspended ceiling you can close any defect and hide visible communications. suspended ceilingsAnd also suspended ceilings are made of various: forms, levels, colors and textures, so you can make the ceiling of your dream.
The ceiling surface is laid with plasterboard or plastic panels.
Plasterboard does not only make the ceiling smooth, but also creates excellent heat and sound insulation. Among the disadvantages of plasterboard its possible to allocate its great weight, due to this its very complex to mount it. suspended ceilingAfter assembling it should be painted, or sheathed with decorative materials.
Plastic panels are very durable, easy to clean. Unlike plasterboard they are lightweight and smooth, more waterproof.
When mounting the suspended ceilings use metal profile - frames, which consist of a basic and guide profiles, are made from it.
As you can see, the choice in the ceiling repair is quite wide and depends only on your preferences. Create a work of art over the head with you own hands!

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