The project Rognowsky: What you need to know?

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the Forex Market has long been 1 of the most well-known method of investing their own money, because here the investor has the opportunity to receive at least 100 percent "per annum." In order to enter the market, or you need to become a trader (that is, to trade), or invest in the trust accounts. In addition, there is another option the use of trading advisors (in this case the trader will need to install the terminal Forex auto robot, who will conduct the analysis and open a trade transaction.


Forex Advisor to help you!

All of the above methods have one in common, requiring the attention of the moment risks. By the way, higher risk to lose their blood, than in the foreign exchange market, probably not. That is why, choosing tools for a living in the Forex market, you primarily need to pay attention to the reliability of the trading strategy, as well as adviser or Trustee. About the EA we will discuss next, namely Rognowsky (by the way, can be read on the website


Forex project Rognowsky: What it famous among traders?

the Founders of the project is 1 of the most well-known traders of a Runet Anton Rozhnovskiy. Probably not Forex traders who analyze the market without indicators that have not heard about it. Rozhnovskiy is 1 of the pioneers of this kind of analysis. He came up with a strategy i-FSR, which appeared in Russia together with foreign Price Action and VSA. Now, traders have had the opportunity to test the following automated systems (expert advisors) Anton Rozhnovskogo: ProTrendFX, VEXILLUM, Rognowsky, R-Profit.


Training on Forex market is built on deception

As Anton says Rozhnovskiy that automating thousands 1000 ideas and strategies he came to the conclusion that absolutely all the rules of the market analysis, without exception, simply do not work. They only "merge" the Deposit. That is why he and his team invented a system of currency analysis with "0". Only after that, managed to create a robot that was able to overcome parts of the test in 5 years .

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