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No building plot is not without concrete. It is a popular building material that is used:

  • for pouring the Foundation;
  • the
  • in the construction of walls, columns;
  • the
  • in the construction of foundations for fences and fencing, garages;
  • the
  • when the device formwork, and much more.

concrete mortar is prepared in a certain proportion. It can be prepared on the spot, when ordering a special mixer or hired workers. The first option is more profitable. Through a special mixer the mixture is efficiently stirred, which ensures high performance of the final solution. It provides strength, reliability and durability of any concrete structure. For construction companies this is an important indicator, as it depends on customer confidence and reputation.

to Order the delivery of concrete in Bronnitsy вм5сте with the mixer in the company . The price for delivery in each case is calculated separately. The final cost depends on distance. By ordering this service, the client can choose the most convenient time. Guaranteed compliance with deadlines and delivery mortar in the right amount. The company's fleet of contemporary mixers that can deliver from 5 to 12 cubic metres of mortar.


the Advantages of concrete directly from the manufacturer

the quality of the materials used in the construction of residential and nonresidential type buildings and structures for various purposes, in the spotlight. From the properties of raw materials affect the operational characteristics of the finished structures, buildings, and structures. Plaster and concrete node in Bronnitsy guarantees high quality materials and construction solutions. This is achieved through:

  • the use of modern technical equipment;
  • the
  • tight quality control at all stages of production;
  • the
  • production of concrete is in compliance with the requirements prescribed in the state standard;
  • the
  • a thorough check of each batch at accredited laboratories;
  • the
  • compliance with all technology requirements.

RBU is available. It is equipped with imported equipment, therefore, the delivery of any volume produced in the shortest possible time. Weight control of each machine eliminates the losses or additional costs from the client. He gets quality material at the best price, which is delivered in the most convenient time directly to the construction site.

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