How to make a marketing flyer with their hands

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Flyers are the easiest way to attract the attention of the person. Although, not vsegso the company can use the brochures, flyers and other handouts, but sometimes this kind of advertising is one of the best. Probably everyone has seen many times annoying paper, which handed out in public places. Therefore, it is likely that 1-I thought that you visit when you hear the word "flyer" — is the trash scored brimin colorful or black and white paper. Why is discarded flyers? Whether it is necessary to use in the campaign? There are several prichyn which fly flyer in the trash can:

Wrong content

It is not enough to just write what you sell to your flyer to be effective(Unless, of course, you do not sell an elixir of youth, or the secret of eternal life).

Invalid habitat

Before you hand out your flyers, you should find out whether there is in the place where you are going to do it are people who may become your potential customers. Agree pretty stupid pazdaval leaflets beauty salon near the garden or advertise CRM system in the underpass.


From the size of the flyers, depends on both the price and then: Does it take people or not, whether to read it or not and take it with you whether or dropped. If flyer distributed on the street, that ishen it should be such that it was convenient to put in your bag or pocket - it should not be a poster 1 * 1 meter, but also minimize not worth it. Conversely, when advertised, for example, cafe in the mall - flyer can be great, because people already know where this cafe is.

There are only three reasons, but noncompliances even one of these items can fly you a pretty penny (wasted money on printing and distribution of leaflets) and vylitsya in wasted development time.

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