How to guard your office

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According to the police: in 2013, almost a third of the crimes committed SOSnent of stealing other people's property, and the third of these thefts was associated with robberies offices. This is not strange, since it is in the office safes are often kept large sums of money, and there you can find expensive goods. It is, therefore, not exclude the fact that your office may also be subject to the temptations of the realties of the thief. In order to hutpress this - you need to give your attention to the installation of quality security system in his office.

Organization of protection office

- is a complex task, the organization which is best left to professionals. So how to guard your office? The easiest way - to hire a caretaker. You ask effectiveand whether such protection? Decide for yourself. And the following points will help you to assign:

  • likely a thief will attempt to detect and neutralize your guard;
  • watchman may simply not see the thief (move, sleep, and so on. D.); Caretaker may enter zgovor a thief.

As you can see, hiring a guard to protect the office is not always effective. Much preferable to   carry out protection office by technical means. The truth is easy to install surveillance cameras, too, is not the best remedy. So what do you do? To date, there is a solution that a comAET coordinated work of man and technology – this panel protection system designed to ensure the safety of the facility, which involves the supply of alarm sensors to a central station and check-out service protection in place sensor response. To date, panel protection can protect office as theft, and from the flood, Fire, gas leak and the like. D.

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