Development of technical specifications


it has long been in practice applies a common system of standardization of different categories of goods. This measure allows to protect the end user from low quality products, which can be unsafe for health. Each country has its own Standards and the standards and techniques are developed, according to which quality is monitored. Moreover, nowadays it is becoming increasingly important in the international system of standards to define quality in each country for different categories of goods. The certification procedure is conducted according to specially designed criteria, only those organizations that have the right to engage in this activity.

a Large variety of individual product categories does not allow to apply the same standard. In this case, the manufacturer is obliged to develop technical conditions in accordance with generally accepted standards. In most cases, the technical conditions are intended solely for the end user. This document is mandatory for all producers whose products are not subject to the current Standards. It should be noted that requirements engineering has its specifics.

Design is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In this case necessarily should involve trained staff who are very familiar with the relevant regulations and standards. The company GLAVSTANDART offers its assistance in the development of technical specifications. It should be noted that GLAVSTANDART is a certified body which has the right to engage in this activity. The company is professionally relevant and always individually suited to each customer.

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