Certification ISO 22000


(HACCP) – is a collection of international standards in the field of strengthening production safetyfoods. This series contains several standards, each of which is responsible for one or another aspect of security in the chain of production and supply of food.

the following groups of standards:

  • ISO 22000 - standard describing general recommendations withIstemi safety management;
  • ISO 22004 - a standard that provides instructions and procedure for applying the previous standard;
  • ISO 22005 - standard, which focuses on tracking products in the chain of production-supply;
  • ISO 22002-1 - Standard containing specific recommendations and conditions of manufacture of productsComrade;
  • ISO 22002-3 - Standard containing specific recommendations and conditions of agricultural holdings (farms);
  • ISO 22003 - standard, which provides instructions for controlling bodies of the audit and certification.

This group of standards contains specific recommendations, instructionss, regulations for organizations in terms of their own ability to monitor the safety of the production and supply of food, and as a result, guarantee the security of the products.

ISO 22000 certification will enhance your credibility as a reliable partner, will increase the probability of investment, will enable the outputthe international market. The presence of this certificate is not that other, as documentary evidence of the safety of manufactured foods.
And most importantly - to introduce the principles and provisions of these standards on its production, you have complete control over the safety of its products at all stages of production and delivery, get the opportunities ofbe quicker to respond to various types of abnormal situations, in order to prevent the force majeure and be on top!

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