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Despite the rapid development of suburbs and the management of active construction, these parts are left many places with beautiful nature, which you will want to come again and again. Indeed, today, among the inhabitants of big cities are becoming more and more popular countryside. People tend to at least for a few days to escape from the hustle and bustle. To spend a few days surrounded by woods, clean air and comfort is the dream of many, realize that the hotel offers Maleevka. To get to the Maleevka will not be easy. The hotel is connected with the capital by highway.

the hotel offers a relaxing stay. Here you can enjoy a big and noisy company and retire together. A private meeting room that allows to organize meetings and business banquets. Maleevka - a great place for corporate events and business meetings. On site, the hotel offers a cozy gazebo and barbecue area. All conditions for recreation for children. Constantly features live entertainment, various entertainment and holidays. Leave your car in a guarded Parking lot.

the Hotel offers accommodation in rooms of different capacities. The rooms are in various price ranges and meet modern standards. In these parts you will feel really comfortable, and the friendly and helpful staff will do everything to make the guest happy. Advance today offers to book a room and this can be done through the official hotel website. Maleevka works in winter and summer and always offers its many guests a complete vacation, filled with fun, pleasant sensations and incredible comfort. It will be interesting not only for adults but also children.

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