The voice of conscience leads to happiness

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amazing creature man: he strives for happiness, but it does so in order toit has never been achieved. The inner voice of conscience always tells us how we should act in this world, so you do not suffer, but often we ignore it, stunned by his own self-interest - the desire to get more out of life than we expected, while giving nothing in return. And then we wonder why there is no happiness in life. End not just because our actions, we are creating an imbalance, destroying the harmony.

reverberating in our hearts the voice of conscience – It is the voice of God, who is our best friend at all times and is always ready to come to us for help, if we sincerely ask Him. And even when you do not ask the Lord to help us always tries been prompted bydressings conscience, how to act in a difficult situation when we need to make a choice. Why is he doing this? Just out of love for us: we are His particles, and he wants us to be happy.

The Creator who created all the laws of the phenomenal world, knows what actions lead to any results, and always tries to helpmake us the right choice – towards happiness, but it does so gently, allowing us to decide for themselves how to act. And by experiencing the consequences of our actions.

The suffering of various kinds – this is payback for our wrong, foolish actions. Happiness – is the result of intelligent behavior, that is to followTheological prompts the voice of conscience. But what if we do not hear this inner voice? How to determine what our actions are correct, reasonable, and which are not? To do this, you need to understand what the consequences will this or that action. This understanding can be attained in two ways – by my own experience, that can be quite painfuland always a waste of time, effort and money, or by examining the wisdom described, for example, in various revealed scriptures.

Most people go through their own experience, filling cones, attacking many times on the same rake. Others, however, lucky, go through comprehension of wisdom, learning from the mistakes of others and to exploreI have the relevant literature.

In the book « loving Voice of Conscience & raquo ;, which actually is a dialogue of the soul with God, gives a very simple way of understanding the wisdom, the easiest way to happiness. The book itself is very interesting and informative, and even more exciting than the earlier « conversation with God & raquo ;, editions Walsh. It gives answers to almost all the important questions of life, and self reading this book produces within us spiritual transformation, changing our lives at the very root, filling us with wisdom and happiness. Unless, of course, we want it, because without our consent, nothing in our heart will not change.

You can either read ethe book online at « Conversations with God & raquo ;, which is entirely devoted to this remarkable conversation with the Lord, yavivshim itself as conscience. For a discussion forum has been read, and you can add materials online books directly on its pages, in the comments. Informative reading, and let the wise books lead us all to WaitTew!

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