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This pyramid, probably, not less well-known Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. It is very often mentioned in the literature on psychology and management. By the way, read the role, please visit: kprofit.ru.

Some people believe that Maslow did not create it, and just studying the biography of great men, who managed to realize themselves in life and work. Based on these observations, Maslow and brought enough interesting patterns of human needs. Next, we'll talk in more detail about the pyramid of needs.

In fact, there is a theory that Maslow himself did not invent the eponymous pyramid, and tried it for his followers who invented the hierarchical model in order to facilitate the comprehension of ideas of this scientist. But more on that later. Now let's see what the pyramid represents.


Basic human needs

Maslow identified 5 basic human needs that he placed in a hierarchical sequence, namely:

  • 1st level is the physiological needs of man. The base of this pyramid are physiological needs, it is inherent to all living beings on planet Earth. And satisfy their person needs because it directly depends for its survival. Here are the needs: breathing, sex, sleep, water and food;
  • 2nd stage is the need for security. A perfect example there will be babies that are having a minimal realization of life, instinctively strive after satisfaction of thirst and hunger to be protected. Also in adult life: people put on the door locks, get yourself insurance policies, etc.;
  • 3rd degree - the need for belonging and love. This may include social needs, which are manifested in the fact that people tend to make friends and want to be involved in the team. We also want to be loved and want to love. Social environment is an opportunity to feel useful and meaningful to other people. So we are trying to establish friendly relations with their friends, looking for business partners, a soul mate to create family and even associates in order to discuss with him the news;
  • 4th degree is the need for recognition. Also people have a need for prestige, respect, recognition of their capabilities and talents. Only after you can realize your potential, having been recognized by loved ones or work colleagues, you become confident in your own abilities;
  • 5th level is the need for self. This includes spiritual needs i.e. the desire to reach their potential. This forces us to visit theatres and museums, to be creative and to develop their own talents.

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