What is the motivation and how to motivate

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Self Motivation < / strong> – yes they areLeko samo not simple at all, but progress on our planet goes only bragodarya billions of people who every day to motivate myself to go to work, do not go out to work – where to get the money? Well learned, be an example to others, to be those who are jealous of former bandmates when you see the risezzhayuschim an expensive car to the restaurant, have pristizhnuyu life and work - this is the motivation. Do people have the motivation to be better, to build houses all the above, izlechat patients faster and generally start izlechat incurable, such examples in the current year can not be counted, otherwise life would be without motivation? As far as can beto assume there would be no life, and even if it was at the level of the prehistoric evolution. Only by reading any textbook of Istria, the book, you know, and imagine how things are changing and moving somewhere for the better and for the worse somewhere, but the bad is not worth it, because the amount of good surpasses everything else. In the history of ourplanet thousands, now famous names, but then if you think about this - these people are no different from you, but look at what they have accomplished, nothing just happens, something they have to move, they had a purpose, and only with the help of good motivation, they have achieved this goal.

Thoughts materialize

As psychologists say, and how to check scientists thought materialize! Of course if you wish yourself Bugatti Veyron Sport or trendy handbag from Gucci in a moment the car and handbag will not be at your feet, growling or poblskivaya skin, however, getting out of bed every time you need to say out loud not « yI'll bag » or « I will have this car & raquo ;, and « I have a car or handbag & raquo ;. This can happen in 10 years, but sitting in the new car, think about what motivated you to this goal? What made you for such a long time to believe that your dream will come trueXia?

Do not sit around! Go to your dream!

sitting around, get her purse, not to mention the car will be very difficult, however, each person, as we all know - is different. Not the fact that you will have exactly the car, who knows, maybe it will be even better. But onlyto imagine how many days there are in our way to motivate yourself out to get everything that you actually want? Sites with motivations, posters in the streets, even in childhood, almost every person in the likeness of motivated parents "that's got good grades - get the candy." Motivation as all waspstal in our world just can not exist, the motivation you need to back up whenever possible. Even not only reinforce and build it, contribute to its increase and promotion in real life. Your motivation may be a short-term dream, but it may be the goal of all your future life -is known only to yourself. It is considered that their dreams aloud better not to speak, but in this case everything with precision but on the contrary, say it anytime, anywhere, when you want, even at 2 am, tell yourself loud and clear: "I'll do this, I can. " You will see after a short period of time that your life purrett new colors, new shapes and limits, you will find like-minded people, meet new people and perhaps will go toward this goal together. The main thing to believe in his dream to which you motivate yourself so hard. A motivation for every day you can find

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