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Front-end loader - powerful. reliable and ... teetotal loader

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modernfritted construction process is unthinkable without the use of powerful and reliable. Today we will talk about on the front loader, who are willing to work and, day and night, do not drink, unlike some of his fellow shovel in human form. They are able to promptly loaded on dump soil excavated from the pit for the future ordertion, to level the site for the installation of sidewalks, carry a small distance barrels of diesel fuel, paint, lift the edge of the concrete slab, lying on the ground or unload pallets from the vehicle with a brick – it all depends on what the working body hung on to the loader at the moment. This can be a ladle, a hook or a fork prisposlazy.

By movers based on tractor

Modern loaders for small loads are often made on the basis of the tractor. This approach is beneficial not only to the economic plan, but also reduces the amount of specialized equipment in your fleet. Modern tractor, and this loader, excavator, bulldozer andeven a jackhammer. For heavy work better to take the car profile. This technique can do more work per shift, but the function it has one – move the load.

According to the stevedores very maneuverable, to turn almost on the spot they require very little space. This allows successfully to Uselzovat them for loading operations in confined areas or in small quarries as well as inside buildings under construction, for example, to remove debris, sand, etc.

Is it better to buy or orenda construction equipment?


Buy wheel loader for now BPemya not easy, but … very simple. But the cost of such equipment is not everyone can afford. You can also rent it, say, in the exercise of certain activities. This option is the most optimal, as in this case, you do not need to lead to the selection of personnel qualified drivers and mechanics. You do not need to bother about the availability and qualityfuel. Search for a reliable supplier of spare parts for construction machinery. Do not forget about the sinking fund.

But if the main activity of your company is directly related to large amounts of construction works, then have a fleet of wheeled vehicles can be a profitable option. At tACOM case you need a driver and mechanic who will maintain and monitor the equipment. Maneuverable and trouble-free on the front loader – matter of prime importance. Especially because these are commercially available machines of any power, purpose and very different configuration.


If youdecided to take special equipment for rent, in which case you need to determine with the company that collects the rent. This is a very important point. Not a reliable tenant, can slip out of date or not serviced equipment. As so often the case, it will break down and pull you extra money and nerves. In case of failure, there is a simple technique, and boardsand the rent can not stop. Be sure to look for a reliable company. Simply take a look at the items in which there is a charge for special equipment downtime, due to breakage.

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