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Features design and installation of ventilation systems


In an atmosphere of residential or industrial premises quickly accumulated waste products of humans or harmful impurities arising from the operation of the equipment. The system, which removes from the buildings polluted air and enters into a fresh, called ventilation. Her project is part of a general plan of construction and aboutment buildings.

Air Handling for each structure is developed on the basis of technical specifications and must meet the requirements of building, fire and health rules and regulations. Providing the necessary parameters, it is important for the reason that depend on them a comfortable stay inhabitantFirst, as is often the life, health, and last but not least safety.

When designing systems calculations are carried out on the need for certain parameters of the air environment. For rooms for different purposes, these characteristics are different and are defined in the guidelines. System efficiency is dependent largely on the conditionIslands and power equipment used, as well as the structure of the building. Often,   combined ventilation and air conditioning and heating.

List of equipment and features accommodation

Depending on the task in building ventilation unit or individual pomescheniyah, but the general principles of construction are the same. As a rule, the basic equipment is mounted in one place – this space is called the plenum. The concentration of the basic mechanisms in one place is justified in terms of ease of maintenance.

The immediate layout of equipment in the chamber can be razlichnoy. Providing access to any and all mechanisms even in the space saving is one of the main tasks of designers. In each of the devices have the necessary access covers for maintenance and cleaning. During operation of the ventilation systems require periodic cleaning and disinfecting of dust.

At the entrance of the system is a filter that cleans the outside air from mechanical impurities. Allowed   the use of both single-stage and multi-level systems. Fresh air is provided by an electric fan   one or a group, everything depends on the internal volume of construction and multiplicity vozduhoobmena.   Air conditioning   In determining the amount is only possible when using a centralized device.

Features the development of individual system components and ensuring the effectiveness

One of the main objectives of the system of ventilation in addition to nodderzhaniya desired composition of the atmosphere in closed spaces is to establish an acceptable climate. Temperature and humidity conditions with the set parameters is achieved by heating or cooling the charge air. And also due to wetting or drying it.

In order to   energy efficiency in the systemparticular and the whole building are widely used heat recovery system. As is known in the winter the temperature difference inside and outside can be up to 40?S and warm exhaust air is widely used to heat input. The use of special heat exchangers allows you to not mix them up, and while there is a significant reduction in consumption of resources.

ventilation provided its proper design and professional installation ensures the required parameters of composition and temperature-humidity air parameters on the premises.

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