How to divert and cure cancer?

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Traditional medicine is losing the war on cancer. But this is not the end. Now we can understand how you can go Thrashfreshmen in this battle. Recently, a conference was held TEDMED - an amazing collection of the brightest minds of science, business and technology. During the conference we paid special attention to one important topic synthesis. Now scientists have isolated a different approach to treatment. As discussed throughout the conference that the disease - the problem of the system and the system to be treated and notsymptom; the cause, not the disease. This suited me very concept of disease. Change the contents of the disease. For more details about this disease today tell us Savelyev AV - editor of the site of the cancer treatment clinics in Israel, where you will find information on the treatment of cancer of the prostate, kidney, colon, throat, lungsx etc. authorities and also read about the modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

A new look at cancer: drugs of the 21st century

The problem of traditional cancer treatment is that we misunderstand the disease. The conference is not just proven to leading experts, who dailyabout struggling with this problem. Classifying parts of the body with cancer (cancer of the lung, liver, brain, breast, colon) we do not take into account the causes and mechanisms of cancer development. The fact that the cancer appears in some parts of the body, tells us nothing about its development. Moreover, it does not give us any information about how it is manifested in each PACienta. Two patients with cancer of various parts of the body disease may develop due to the same reason. While, in patients with cancer of the same organ disease can occur in different ways. A patient with prostate cancer and a patient with colon cancer may have more in common than two patients with cancer of the colon.

There are dTHER misconceptions about cancer and its treatment, which can lead to dire consequences. In terms of curative and preventive care - we lost the war against cancer. Overall cancer incidence is increasing continuously. The mortality rate is also growing. In 2008 in the US died of cancer 565,000 people. One in three people overs my life is sick with cancer. But not everyone knows that the solid cells grow slowly and can be detected in the 30 years after the formation.

In the « war » cancer we lose for one simple reason: we are focusing on the wrong goal. Doctors are trained to focus on the tumor - to burn, poison, or cut it out, and then wait for observationand to pray that the cancer has not appeared again.

Caring for Your Garden: Soil, which increases cancer

  The main problem of cancer - a tumor is not as most people think oncologists, and a garden in which the tumor grows. Taking care of the garden, we pull up weeds that germinate, so alsocancer - when there is a tumor, we use traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. And then what?

Usually, we focus on the treatment of advanced stages of cancer, rather than to change the terms of the favorable appearance of cancer first stage. Food, lifestyle and thinking, environmental toxins - all efive factors interact with our genes, leading to changes in our health.

We ask the wrong questions. We ask ourselves what we have a tumor? What type of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation help us? What are the forecasts? Instead, we should ask « why » and « & raquo ;: how why this cancer is growing? TOak we can change the conditions conducive to the spread of cancer cells? As in the soil of your garden to adopt such an aggressive weed?

In the scientific literature appear constantly mention that the food, exercise, physical activity and environmental toxins affect the appearance, growth and progression of cancer. If the feeder is not richgovernmental substances food containing a lot of sugar, lack of exercise, chronic stress, persistent pollutants and heavy metals can cause cancer, can a healthy diet, planned diet, exercise, positive thoughts, another reaction to stress and detoxification not let cancer grow? To look after the soil is necessary, but not pAsten. This is the basic principle of sustainable agriculture and good health.

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