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The terrible word « cancer » increasingly hearssmiling people in conversations. If 50 years ago about cancer superficially knew only half of the population, in our days of Oncology say more than that about the flu. Environmental degradation leads to malignant neoplasms among residents of not only the large industrial centers. Those who live in the village, also may be subject to attack cancernotches.

What is oncology and its variations

The main clarity in studies devoted to cancerous tumors, made the discovery in 1978 of a cancer gene. Viruses and genetic predisposition not result in 100% oncology. Cells begin to mutate nsettle down. This is influenced by many factors, among them: synthetic food, solar radiation, polluted air, saturation with heavy metals, nerve stress and so on.

Oncogenes are beginning to turn healthy cells into cancer cells. This can occur in any system of the body: the digestiveitelnoy, circulatory, reproductive, respiratory. Accumulation of tumor cells in a tumor site provides. Oncological diseases occur in different ways. Sometimes the disease is slow and practically makes itself felt. Man feels weakness, nervousness, tires quickly and suffers from insomnia. Did someone think that this cancer symptoms sabolevaniya? But sometimes it takes place as the initial stages of the disease.

How to deal with cancer

As with most diseases, oncological diseases, to an effective treatment in the early stages. When the disease is on the middle stages of development, it hadit is difficult to cure, but you can stop it spread throughout the body. Unfortunately, if the patient goes to oncologists at the last stage, it is almost nothing you can do, just to relieve the suffering. Therefore, it is important to recognize the proliferation of cancer cells, yet their very little.

If you have podozrhenium for the presence of this disease, it would take - click on this link or directly enter http://navimed.com.ua/konsultaciya_vracha/konsultaciya_onkologa/ your browser to find and choose the appropriate physician. Should be consulted, to pass examinations, pass special tests. The disease can lick man very bysTPO, so can not be postponed trip to the doctor the next day, month, year. There is no problem that can not move in order to preserve life and health. Modern medical equipment and treatments can work wonders!

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