Company Registration in Poland

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If you have decided you need some help from the outside. Entrust it can leashs professionals who will not allow errors in the collection, processing or filing documents, which leads to   additional costs money and precious time. How much is the discovery of what documents are needed, the cost of time and a lot of other information that you need to know at registration, the company will provide


  • You can control the registration of the company independently.
  • You will be offered a list of legal addresses. Will help you to sign a lease agreement.
  • The whole process of opening takes about 30 days earlydifferent from the signing of the contract and payment of our services.
  • At the end you get the package of documents and printing. There are rare cases in which lengthened the term of registration. It depends on the congestion in the Register of Ships.

Just seven days after signing the contract and the company will prepare and providelogin you   documents to finalize the details with a notary at your convenience. You will be entitled to carry the whole family and make the insurance. After opening you will be nada annual visa service for this company. If things go well the company will be, you can get permanent residency and even citizenship in the Faryshem. It is also possible remote control business. Obyazatelno not hire employees. The balance of the company, you can buy movable and immovable property. There vmozhnost buy ready-made company. If you need information or assistance on the opening of the company in Poland - contact. The company's professionals do everything perfectly in no timeand.

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