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Today, there are good   the possibility in many cities in Russia decorate his own portrait shirt. As told spu p one of otdnlov « photo, video editing » to your (not your) face adorned t-shirt or other clothing, you first need to produce iron-on transfers. Then, using normal iron image is transferred onto the fabric. It is important that the fabric was light and uniform, and it is composed of at least 50% of cotton, or a T-shirt instead of ulybayuschegosya person may appear hole. By the way, in addition to T-shirts, witty citizens are sometimes decorated with an even ... underwear. The cost of making iron-on transfers depends on its size - the image size of 10x15 cm will cost the customer   100 rubles and 20x30 cm (A4) - 120 rubles.

Perform even urgents orders!

For those who are on the friend's birthday remembered at the last moment, and a good quality department can be the salvation - will make an interesting gift-card with a picture of the birthday for one hour. Portrait of a customer provided pictures can be moved to any interior or landscape, whichYou can choose from a catalog. Sometimes clients prefer to « photographed » using photomontage with celebrities. It is interesting that for many Russian girls have guys precious fotopartneramy groups « Smash & raquo ;, « Roots » and « Ivanushki Int. & raquo ;. But the stronger sex indifferent to the particular person -next to him, they want to see all the pretty girls "in the style of Pamela Anderson » or buy. The only exception is perhaps seductress from the group « Reflex » - to them photomontage bought most willingly. Children especially enjoy the company of small animals or « cartoon » characters, including Particularly popular... Shrek is an ogre.

The cost of manufacturing of sports shirts and not only!

It is necessary to manufacture a sports T-shirt (size 10x15 cm) 35 rubles, 15x21 - 55 rubles, 20x30 - 95 rubles. By the way, for 95 rubles, you can make a polyhedron of 12 small pictures.
Especially pAstete demand for such products on the eve of holidays - 8 March, and Valentine's Day. On the occasion of weddings often book labels for champagne, which give, or the newlyweds, or play in fun. The cost of manufacturing such a sticker on the T-shirt itself - 45 rubles.

So take for himself a gift:shirt make s the pattern or photo you like the most. Or, you can order a ready-made product, visit a lot of different sites!

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