Symptoms of lung cancer in women

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The symptoms of lung cancer among women in the earlystages may be overlooked due to their uncertainty. This can endanger health. Therefore, you need to know about to see him at a very early stage.
Women are more susceptible to lung cancer than men. Although the exact reasons for this are not clear, the statistics and studies show that women are more prone tos the disease than men. Even the non-smoking women may suffer from lung cancer, as there are many other reasons. Unfortunately, only lung cancer is diagnosed at a late stage. Initial symptoms are often mistaken for coughs and colds, which are treated with home remedies. In this article, – Information about symptomsx lung cancer that can help diagnose it in the beginning.

The symptoms of lung cancer in women

These symptoms can be misleading and resemble common infectious. By the time when they are seen, they can already reach its late stage at which the minimum possibility of cure.It is important to know that the initial stage has no visible signs, which means that almost 25% of people with lung cancer is detected when they make a regular X-ray. Now you can understand how important it is to do this analysis, at least once a year. Any changes in the body need to tell your doctor for a proper diagnosis and timelyof medical treatment.

Here are some signs that may indicate lung cancer:

  • Cough – One of the earliest symptoms of lung cancer in women. It can be permanent and appear at any time of the day or night. Cough may worsen with the development ofm cancer. It can be dry or with phlegm. Sometimes, sputum may be dyed pink color due to the presence of blood in the saliva. At later stages of the cough may become chronic. It is vitally important to see a doctor as soon as possible;
  • shortness of breath – Another symptom of lung cancer. Shortness of fusshiccups due to blockage of the airway or increasing fluid in the lungs. It can also be a symptom of the tumor in the lung. Wheezing can also occur due to blocked airways. Because of this, accompanied by breath whistling sound;
  • respiratory infections. The woman in the early stagesx lung cancer becomes susceptible to respiratory infections (pneumonia, bronchitis). Since the immune system is weakened due to the cancer cells, the lungs lose their ability to fight viral and bacterial infections;
  • chest pain. Due to the spread of cancer cells lungs become inflamed. The increase in tumorsand can cause pain, discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. Coughing and shortness of breath can also cause chest pain. Consult a doctor immediately in case of chest pain. It can sometimes spread to the shoulder and arm. Although it is not found in all patients, but can be considered as a symptom of cancerlight;
  • weight loss and weakness. A person suffering from cancer of the lung, can experience a loss of appetite which may cause excessive loss of weight. The patient may also feel weak and tired. The weakness may also cause severe pain in bones and muscles;
  • measurabletion in his voice. The patient may notice a change in his voice. Hoarse voice may be due to tumor cell damaging laryngeal nerves. When a malignant tumor grows, it puts pressure on the airways and vocal cords, thus affecting voice and making him hoarse.

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