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Most of society unfairly bypassed own extIman Turquoise . Maximum, where it is used in the bathroom. But turquoise has the ability to look great in the bedroom or living room, creating a sense of cool and comfortable.

Power color a. Clean and harmonica.

In the turquoise color e has 2 exciting shades, azure and green. If the last calms, it first identifies the true sense of purity . Specialists in psychology believe that the proper Turquoise color enhance immunity, soothes, and relieves irritability and lethargy. according to the diverse – from the deepest green to pale blue color. Use a specific tone, and you will bring to the exterior heat or cool the air.

Shades of turquoise

Turquoise color at different setting and light is perceived as 2 different hue. Near greenish he certainly will look green and near with blue – blue. In addition to blue and greenish, with him neprevzoydenno mixed contrast, bright color, including brick-brown, fiery red and bright pink. Although probably the most exciting combination makes use of turquoise races color Key in the eastern exterior with colorful color s the sameltovatogo and purple races color approx. Perfect addition to it will be snowy color . Both races color ki easy it is advantageous to allocate, if we add a little dark races color ki. For decorating the walls apply paint in pale shades of turquoise. This color od solution makes the room bright and sunny, well pushes the wall. Because turquoise wall is best to look at the exterior of the children's bedrooms and, where needed relaxing, sizeennaya and peaceful atmosphere. The main advantage of this race color ki is the fact that he is actually under no circumstances will not look cheap or vulgar. In the bathroom, he will undoubtedly be correlated with the sterile coolness and cleanliness in the living room - with the elegance of the palace exteriorsif the conditions in the use of wallpaper with a large ornament.

Kitchen apron, lined with garish azure tiles, refreshing heated space in the kitchen. Turquoise and azure color and usually represent the element of water andair. Hence its popularity in the kitchen. Kitchen sets in the turquoise politrila look great. Affectionate tone turquoise exterior brings to the kitchen room is not bad mood and freshness. In addition, use the following options: neutral snow white, camel or cream background, furniture saturated turquoise races color ki, also in tone Soup stenok.Ne doubt, in fact that the chair or sofa upholstered in turquoise is true dominant in your exterior. Elements of water and air, symbolizing the Turquoise color , very harmonicEski balance element of fire, which is always in the kitchen. The most common option for vzbadrivaniya interior living space, formed in neutral, measured color oic politrila, add turquoise accessories. This can be ware from colis tion glass, and textiles, and turquoise shades and vases. This color furniture perfectly mixed with the yellow-brown color.

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