Akvamaris for children or how to help a child with a cold

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In spite of the fact that breast milk forprotects the baby from various better than any drug, to protect him from SARS, colds and other acute and chronic respiratory diseases is not always possible. Symptoms of the common cold in a child looks no different from the manifestations of this ailment in adults: runny nose, sneezing, and stuffy. But the basic fundamental difference between the children with the common coldis edit that kids can not get rid of the accumulated mucus in the nose on their own. In addition, the spout newborn miniature size allows faster penetration of viruses that burden for any disease, and even a slight swelling becomes perceptible barrier for free breathing. And as a young mother feeding crumbs gOre milk if his nose is completely laid?

How to help your child with a cold?

If a child is ill, it must necessarily show the doctor. Only pediatrician can determine the correct diagnosis and to make individual treatment plan. If the baby is diagnosed sinusitis, rhinitis or inflammation of the adenoidsThen, most likely, in the list of drugs prescribed by a doctor, mom finds akvamaris.
This is not surprising, because for small children akvamaris is an effective drug that has a natural origin. With akvamaris, nasal mucosa will be maintained in the normmal condition. The preparation includes the Adriatic sea water, held sterilization, and inorganic substances (sodium, calcium, magnesium). Thus, the answer to the question of whether to apply akvamaris treatment children to a year, is obvious. Besides akvamaris contains no preservatives andrasiteley.
Nasal drops akvamaris help to remove the child from the mucous possible allergens (indoor dust, foreign inclusions, haptens), while reducing inflammation. For children to a year nasal drops rather than a spray, because the child does not understand that it is necessary totake a deep breath in and hold. Akvamaris in the form of a spray is more convenient for adults and children Older – this is the perfect remedy for the common cold, it is always convenient to keep on hand.

How to wash the nose of the child properly

To force Mr. Mome turned in vain trouble, you need to follow simple rules. First, the child must be calm. If after a year already begin to understand « beauty » this manipulation, the newborn until they have no case. Take cotton pads or cloth. Turn the baby's head to one side and drip drops in the nasal passage -2 drops of the drug on one nostril.
Mama, do not know how to wash the baby's nose akvamaris commit the same error – Dropping an excessive amount of the drug. This should not be allowed, otherwise, such manipulation may cause water to enter the sinuses, which provoke otitis. With residualekret flowing from the nose, to gently clean cloth. And it is important orderly, as the baby's skin is very delicate, so irritation will appear immediately. Irrigate the nose needed to complete its purification.
Many pediatricians advise after nasal lavage, instilled into him vitamins A and E. Since they have an oily consistencyit occurs lint sticking his nose. Irritation – normal reflex process, in which the nose is self-cleaning. Opinion on this issue is ambiguous, so the choice is up to the parents. In akvamaris virtually no contraindications, in addition to individual intolerance.

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