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For each woman and fashionBeauty – key words. And there is not a girl who would not be concerned about their appearance. Which only tricks are not necessary to resort to the word “ ” meant it herself. It is known fact that the so-called ladies have always existed, almost since the beginning of mankind as a species. Notto think that require modern girls too great sacrifices – enough to learn more about what they were for the sake of beauty in the previous century.

The first time (stone age)

Then it was thought that beauty should be functional, that is useful. As the ideal of beauty worshiped womene with huge hanging belly, big breasts and powerful, strong hands. It was a true keeper of the hearth, could bear and bring up many children, and strong arms were allowed to carry with them the whole belongings.

The second point (Mayan civilization)

In order to be considered the first torasotkoy, it was necessary to smear the body and face with red paint and clay, with a strong pungent odor. Tribesmen would consider this a very attractive appearance and smell – true incense.

The third point (Egypt in ancient times)

The most attractive was considered havingnessICA bright big eyes “ with a spark & ??rdquo; and rosy cheeks – to obtain the necessary features of Egyptian instilled into the eyes of grass juice belladonna, eyes widen and gives shine, and his cheeks rubbed iris juice that cause irritation, causing blush effect.

The fourth fact (China in the corevnosti)

Ideal for the Chinese was a woman with tiny “ lotus ” legs. And to get those legs bandaged their Chinese women from an early age, are not allowed to grow. And in order to keep a very elaborate hairstyles, Chinese women had to sleep on wooden boards. Those girls who wouldWhether moving too, in a dream simply tied to the bed, to wean from unnecessary movements. If the woman could marry his teeth began to paint with black lacquer – oddly enough, it seemed too beautiful. But the skin does not cause any problems, since its just completely covered on the face and neck area in a thick white paint.

The fifth point (Middle Ages)

That's really when we went to war with the beauty – Women dressed in baggy clothes, a lot more figure of the woman (so that she never guessed under clothing), and her hair hidden under her cap. Women had to forget about all the cosmetic and hygiene.A little later, the conditions were relaxed, the ideal of beauty was a girl with an S - shaped figure. In order to receive such a silhouette on the stomach under the dress clung pillow. A person had to be stretched, and his forehead was supposed to be high. For this fashionista shaved the hair off his forehead extreme. In addition, a woman had to be meek and submissiveFully obeying her husband – for it began to shave his eyebrows, because in their absence, the person almost completely stripped of emotion.

Moment sixth (Revival)

This era brought a much more ideal new – a woman with the most magnificent forms. Hudyshki sweatsuring value and began to impose a dress pillows, on a dress sewn frills to be expressive figure.

The seventh point (Rococo)

This was the era of the record for most toupees and wigs – they created a fabulous complexity and magnitude hairstylesto save them, ladies again, as in China, lay down on sleep on board. Highly valued pallor, ladies powder sprinkled themselves wherever possible. As soon as all this is expensive, wash applying makeup was expensive, and therefore ceased to wash too, enough time – twice a year. Appears from this acne covered with artificial “ flies ”.

Thus, the feminine ideal changed often, but oddly enough, these tortuous and constantly deny yourself around women must have looked not very romantic. They were covered with chains, too often dirty, malodorous, these ancient beauties. In general, prior ideala they were far away.

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