How to make money on the rent of the property?

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Businessthe leasing and sale of real estate is one of the most profitable and demand. Now is the time when you need to use this in mind, moreover to implement this idea does not need a lot of effort and huge initial investment.

your potential customers are:

  • visitors;
  • family, who because of social and economic reasons can not buy their own apartment;
  • people who need to rent a house for a few days

To arrange this business you need the following:

  1. The apartment (that is, a lease). You could have bought an apartment, or she got you inherit;
  2. So if the 1st paragraph executed, half the work is already done. Further, to increase the amount of rent you have to do in an apartment redecorated. It is important that the apartmenthad a cozy environment. If your apartment will have the necessary equipment in good condition and Seating Group, then this would be sufficient. It is not necessary to have a lot of furniture, as tenants are often populated with your sovstvennoy furniture. If your plumbing in poor condition, it is better to change, because you need to create a favorableyatnoe impression.

How to determine the price?

It depends on many factors: the state of the apartment, floor, door, the distance from public transport, the area in which the apartment is located. So for each area is the average price.

Search and selection of tenants

Search tenants You can start with the maximum price, gradually reducing it to market levels. You can search either by itself or using the services of agencies. But remember that the agencies are only interested in an agreement between the landlord and kvartirosborrowers, since they get a percentage of the transaction and, in addition, immediately after the conclusion of the contract which the agency ceases to bear any responsibility. Agency in average asking 50 - 100% of the monthly rent. You, as a landlord, your tenants interested to be honest. The most suitable here are loily couples. The correct choice of many tenants in what will determine the future value of your apartment. Each tenant has the same relation to a rented apartment - not mine do not mind, I'm here temporarily. That's why choosing a tenant you need to follow strict requirements.

The contract with the tenant

And so if you have already decided on a tenant, you will need to sign a contract with him, which will be spelled out your requirements in relation to the things that are in the apartment and payment terms. To further there were no disagreements and conflicts, it is important to discuss all your requirements and penalty in case of INCOMPolneniya. In addition, you can discuss additional terms of payment of electricity consumed, phone, internet and others. The agency has its own version of the contract. Just further and you can sign your contract.

The business of renting the apartments

If you intend to develop this business it wam should be aware that it is very risky because you can rob or break something. But statistics: decent people much more than dishonorable.

The main risks are:

  • minor and major damage to furniture or equipment;
  • theft;
  • Discontent neighbors;
  • fire;
  • Flood.

The solution to all these points lie on the shoulders of the landlord. But experienced landlords have their respective ways to protect and tricks. For example, on the doors of apartments set the code forpits, and the code changes all the time, as a result - the previous tenant will not be able to get into the apartment, even in the presence of duplicate keys.

And lastly, remember: if the tenant - a man without scruples, then a refund, you can not count. If he fails to reimburse all, you all will comeXia compensate at their own expense, because the money out of him you can not.

way to find and in other cities you can on the internet portal "from hand to hand".

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