Psychology of modern society

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The rapidly developing modern society withoday experiences problems associated with the inner world. Concerns about material goods, financial prosperity, recognition in the society eclipsed eyes of ordinary people who previously felt love, joy and happiness.

Psychologists around the world are trying to solve the problems of families, children, and parents. We can saythat for the profession « psychologist » our future and the future of all mankind. Psychology is so thin and at the same time a multi-faceted profession that gives understanding and awareness of the correct and uniform human life.

The degradation of society

We see how the people seeking temporary benefits, relations today play the role of mutual benefit. The family is no longer the main purpose of man, it can be seen from the statistics of divorce. People do not try and do not seek to restore the family of suffers children still unsettled. In relationships between children and roExecutives simply a huge gap, parents forget about parenting and children live under the rules of the street. A street today gives alcohol, tobacco, drugs, carefree life in terms of « I do not want, will not & raquo ;.

The reason for the decline and degradation of society has become universal desire for prosperity at any cost , desire to be first at the expense of relationships, the desire for enrichment, recognition, power.

Psychology of modern society

Psychology of modern society today shows us the near future, we can see and imagine what will be the humanity in a couple of decades. That is, same-sex marriages, which largely originated from a misunderstanding of men and women; excessive desire to enrich « workaholism » - one of the new concepts, which is associated with a lot of new things and the desire to acquire them; ideology of marriage based on the so-called marriage contract that binds man is not mutual relations, and marriageableof bonds based on this contract; the struggle for natural resources, which has recently been noticeable from Western countries which are themselves unleashing military conflicts; human health problems affecting the performance of work and complete way of life, these problems are related to erratic and malnourishedtion, environmental pollution, psychological breakdown associated with operating or non-operating activities.

And it was not only that of the main problems, which are now entering a stage of full development and the fight against them lies on the shoulders of qualified psihologah, which are based on the past, present and future, on specific statistical data rather than the passed stage of life.

How to change the situation?

Today's obschesTVO, which seeks to improve the situation, improve the inner world of man, there is a huge diversity of occupation, which are derived from the so-called no-win situation.

If we notice that a large number of stars do charity, volontersTwomey, help large families, solve health problems in the Third World, also try to fight hunger in Africa, and more. The main goal - to get satisfaction in helping others help themselves, feeling human needs — gives the acquisition of those feelings that we used and tested.

That victory — awareness of others, gives undeniable results in recognizing their problems, help in solving other people's problems, and allows access to the decision of their life difficulties and troubles.

Today we need the most care not about the future, and about the internal state of a successful and happy family, wealth is only when your inner world will is organic with the outside, only such idealization can make you happy and full bezgranichno persistent man of our modern society.

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