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In today's world, where ever cluchayutsya financial and economic crises, we have to constantly look for new business ideas and earnings. Everyone knows that the world of business is enormous, and, if desired, diligence and patience it is possible to find a new kind of earnings, but not always it turns out, though at first glance it seems that everything is simple - so often have to throw the half way. But remember that, even after a series of setbacks when trying to open my own business, patient and determined person, not retreat, but instead will go ahead, despite all the warnings and failures. Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes and failures, we will try to consider a simple business for the organization which is not calleduzhny any special knowledge. Many business leaders say that without a proper business education which you can get in a specialized private school, not work to become a successful businessman, but in this article we will try to refute these words, and here we will tell you about such a business, as daily.

Delivery squareartiry daily rent


The main advantage - is that renting your apartment for daily rent, you can earn a lot more than when you take an apartment in the monthly rent. Everything is simple - calculate how much it will cost daily living in an apartment, andyou will immediately see that it is not very profitable, and to take an apartment per month, but, renting an apartment in monthly rent, is very popular because, in this type of business is almost no need to waste their own time, can not be said about the daily rent.
< br /> So if you donate your apartment for daily rent, you can earn dostatinternally good money, but you will want to spend their free time on advertising.

The fact is that the day rent, often used by people who come to a strange city on a business trip. For example, in the Volga, people come daily for 2-3 days, and for them it makes sense to rent an apartment for rent only. What monthly that MSRPexact rental costs quite a lot of money, which means that if you have 2-3 apartments, then renting these you can earn a lot of money.


But the main disadvantage of this business - this is what you will need to constantly evolve, to elevate the apartment, make repairs, to provide residents with GOSTinichny service (replenish the minibar, the constant change of bed linen, care of appearance apartments, etc..)

So, if you have 2-3 apartments, and you will take them by the day, then you all my free time would have to spend to provide the most services, or need to spend money to hire a service Persocash. Whatever it was, without this service, you can not do, because when it otstutstvii person will be easier to stay at the hotel, where for a small fee he will receive prompt and efficient service.

As you can see, in fact, this business is not different from a business that is based on the delivery of apartments in the monthly rent, but it canbring a lot more money. In addition almost anyone can cope with its management, as well as for the development of the business you do not need to hire a manager, an accountant or an economist, but will need to devote a lifetime this case, people were always happy, and call you, and booked an apartment once withgo to your city.

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