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The history of the film "Gypsy"

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Anatoly Kalinin, the author of the novel « Roma & raquo ;, firmly believed that his native Don steppe has the magic. &Laquo; She electrified the sun, that is able to elevate man! & Raquo ;, - he repeated. It is no wonder that his hero, Roma Budulai radically different from its neighbors, for which from time immemorial be sad, and even notoriety. Soldier BudulaiFirst Romanov comes to the village, makes a living blacksmithing, spends the evening in a small smithy on the outskirts of the village. Horses with courtyards not gone, not revel and Ozora, on the contrary, pacifies and petitioning hot tribesmen. And only God knows his gypsy, what matters and what brought him to the old Cossack settlement. They say that during the war, Mr.emetsky tank crushed gypsy caravans, and in it - a young Gypsy woman with a baby. That keeps Budulai closer to family graves. Only strangely disturbing his heart soon widowed Cossack Claudia Pukhlyakova one grown up daughter and the beautiful dark-haired son Vanya.

The main character of Claudius (Clara Lucko)

The film's director, Alexander Blank and writer Anatoly Kalinin unanimously decided that Claudius no one will play better « Kuban Cossack » Clara Lucko. Kalinin has long had his eye on the actress, noticing her in the play « Severe Field & raquo ;. However, heroin & laquo ; Gypsy » it was about 40, and actress already has exchanged sixth decade. However, the filmmakers wisely ignored this bit. But with the performer role Budulai everything was less rosy. Directed Blank categorically stated: « No Roma! & Raquo ;, fear diverse discipline problems. Consequently, the role of the Roma needed a swarthy Slav. Who has not tried it! Among the candidates meantvivo Recording Nikolai Slichenko, and were thinking about Armenia Dzhigarahanyane, but it's not that. Clara Lucko recalled: « on the sample came from Armenia actor: puny, little sprouts, with long curly hair, narrow-shouldered and legged. When I saw him, I thought, no, if it Budulai, I will not be able to play ».

The protagonist Budulai (Michael Volontir)

The filmmakers have already prepared filming location near the hamlet Puhlyakovsky in the Rostov region, and Budulai did not come. Simple group could result in a lot of money, as the estimate has been already approved. And then rescued Clara Lucky, to choose a partner. She remembered how a few years ago was shot in CARtina « Liferoot » with colorful Moldavian. &Laquo; pity, says with a wild accent, but the type – exactly our Budulai & raquo ;. And now the assistant director has extra flying from Odessa to Moldova, one foot there, another – back, in addition to actor Michael volunteered. About accent Lucko was right: Michael had to learnRussian language, since it was impossible to understand. But the candidate himself had no doubt the filmmakers did not cause: spitting, spitting Budulai! However, it turned out that Michael can not be removed: in the theater of his native city Balti, where he plays, it tied the whole repertoire. So that the Moldovan side against. This time the road truce went sama Clara Lucko. Fortunately, managed to convince stroptivtsa, what is at stake – film adaptation of the famous novel Kalinin, grand sweep, and glorify Volontir Moldova.

By the way, in addition to speech, had to adjust the gypsy and appearance. The desired Budulai in Volontir were only « native » mustache, but the curls had backfilledVat, beard glued. Since the scenario hero grew older, had to add a noble gray strands. The desired shade comes from the mixture of foundation and gasoline: evaporating fuel left whitish plaque. In short, the reincarnation korotkostrizhennogo haired gray-haired shaggy Volontir in gypsy took half an hour.

Financial nuances

I would like to ignore the financial nuances, but the words of the song, and from the history – fee, can not erase. Suffering Budulai appointed one of the lowest kinostavok since Volontir-charge was an actor. And if Lucko received 40 rubles per day of shooting, he believedSubscribe only 5-7 silver rubles. That did not clouded the mood of the actor: « The role I really like, so I'll take free & raquo ;. And indeed, a game in four series did not take a penny.

The ladies of the crew and actresses doted moldovanine in compassion. In the bus, when traveling to the shooting, Volontir always gave way to the olvym colleagues, although the director demanded: the actors have to sit so as not to tire. Non-normalized work really tired of people.

the film's release

When was released and instantly won the hearts of viewers, fans of the noble gypsy and his colleagues from the surveys addressed to officials HostelsRadio: Is it possible to make the « award has found a hero & raquo ;? Under such pressure had to meet the wishes and pay a decent fee.

Plenty nagorevavshis over difficult happiness Claudia and Budulai hearted viewers have married them in life. Clara Stepanovna not once received a letter from the duty stitching: « bowsyour husband Budulai Romanov & raquo ;. Believe in their romance and Romale. Somehow after the series Lucko stopped Roma: « And Budulai where? &Raquo;

We also Volontir Scouting details of what he has always indignantly replied: « Nothing like this has been! &Raquo; By the time he was a happy wifet Balti theater actress Euphrosyne Dobynde, and remained a lifelong selflessly devoted to her.

According to the script at the end of the first film Budulai kill, but Mihai Volontir begged screenwriter change the fate of movie hero, saving his life. The request was joined by literary « father » Anatoly Kalinin: it was too nice RomaMr. turned out, the hand does not rise! And the director consent form. That the decision was correct, it became clear after the release of the first series of « Gypsy & raquo ;. Saving lives beaten bandits publican, who takes away the night of gypsy caravans, made it possible to seven years « resurrect » hero. In 1986, the living, but lost memoryive handsome Roma again forced the female population of the Soviet Union to catch at heart and wipe tears …

Movies are fashionable and are loved and revered. With the series is more complicated: a few serials ribbons were awarded the title of cult. &Laquo; Roma » and « Return Budulai » rightfully belongXia such. Shoot a sequel, as is now fashionable, filmmakers are not collected. Perhaps much of the fact that the creators of the film, the story of the author and the main character has, alas, no more. Or maybe understand that repeat such a success reliably play love and devotion, sincere generosity and wisdom of current galaxy of movie stars can not accomplish. In short,once Budulai returned and stayed with us.

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