Botox: History and use

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General and indiscriminate desire of humanity aspossible longer stay young scientists opens a wide field of activities. Their findings provide stunning results. A striking example was the practice of Botox injections in cosmetology.

The Facts of « life » Botox

For the most clearly understoodNotices of the principle of the drug, it is worth a little look into the history of its study:

  • the first stage was the discovery of Botox. Botulinum toxin (Botox abbreviation) of the type A, has been isolated in the distant 1928 from a population of microbes. Clinically, it is used only about 30 years;
  • the second stage is considered the discovery in 1949, the ability of the toxin to block the transmission of nerve impulses, which invariably leads to blockage of the muscles. This effect is reversible and after six months the muscle tissue regains its ability to contract. This property Botox caused its applicationstion in the treatment of many diseases caused by the abnormal activity of muscle tissue: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, nervous tics, brain damage and head back, blepharospasm, tremors, spasms of the esophagus, constipation, etc.;
  • third stage was marked (1987) using the toxin in cosmetology for the purpose of boronby wrinkles. This has become a pioneer in the Canadian dermatologist. Since 1991, in fact, this toxin officially became known as Botox;
  • at the fourth stage of the evolutionary development of the study of the properties of botulinum toxin it began to be used in the treatment of more than three dozen diseases in more than seventycountries. The main illnesses are cured with the help of it, are migraine and hyperhidrosis.

Description of Procedure

And still the main and principal place of use of Botox – Beauty is, or rather to get rid of wrinkles with the help of its intramuscular introducedIa. The main cause of facial wrinkles – permanent and involuntary contraction of facial muscles, which is why the data wrinkles can appear even at a fairly young age. This serves as emotional stress, and genetic predisposition. By the way, the men in the appearance of facial wrinkles more predisposed than women.

The drug Botox, details of which can be explored on the site, to eliminate facial wrinkles injected into a muscle, causing more wrinkles, fine needle. This procedure does not cause pain. Traces on the face does not remain. This enables sessions even among the working week. Muscle relaxationResponsible for mimicry leads to wrinkles and makes a person closely monitor the expression on his face. Sessions are held at intervals of about six months, usually limited to 3-4 procedures. Thus, the influence of facial wrinkles are removed from both sides:

  • direct impact and bundlesablenie muscles;
  • getting rid of the habit of frowning. Botox does not lead to atrophy of muscle tissue, it continues to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The dose should be chosen depending on the weight and volume of muscle: the more muscle, which should immobilize the more dose. Effect of the druglast up to 6 months. The procedure is repeated no earlier than 90 days. The onset of visible effect occurs within three days after the injection, and the overall result appears on the tenth day. After two weeks is mandatory visit to the doctor, for the purpose of inspection and, if necessary, corrected. Amplifies the effect of repeated aboutprocedure not earlier than six months.

Excellent effect, no pain, moderate cost, lack of habituation procedure done Botox injections market leaders in the field of cosmetic wrinkle treatments at different ages.

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