How to grow long eyelashes

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On a shelf in the bathroom sometimes exhibited whole collection preparAtov with different names, composition. They are united by a single purpose, to strengthen the hair, remove dark circles under the eyes and reduce wrinkles. The principle of choice is most often based on the advertising order or other means. But it often happens that similar and designed for one purpose cosmetics products are not only different nene, but also the effectiveness of.

Conditioner for eyelashes Advancedlash

Eyelash Conditioner should be as follows:

  • The polysaccharide sodium hyaluronate. It is designed to catalyze the reduction processes in the epithelium. It is naturalGoes substance exists in bone and cartilage tissue, intercellular mitrikse person. At first glance it's hard to see the connection presence of this component in preparations for eyelashes. But it turns out, one of the properties – increased viscosity and elasticity, extends to the hair shaft.

  • For Artroitelstva strong and lasting hair shaft requires sulfur in an easily digestible form. Its source in the air conditioner performs biotin. It will put the necessary building blocks to grow eyelashes strong, resistant to mechanical stress. Biotin is recognized by physicians as the beauty vitamin for the skin, hair and nails.

  • Vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid. According to doctors – This trigger spring for the synthesis of tissue growth and hair pigmentation blocked. The absence or deficiency of the vitamin in the ciliary hairs affects fading and expressionless color, no glossy shine.

  • One of the waspsety components are the bio-peptides. Their role in the rejuvenation at the cellular level has long been known in medicine. They are locally penetrate the epithelium of the century, start regeneration processes restore follicle normalize all the vital stages of growth of eyelashes. This component is required in addressing the issue, how to make eyelashess long .

  • Ginseng root extract. Gently affects the efficiency of the hair bulb. Enhances and restores its natural potential. Creates the conditions for awakening dormant follicles.

  • The extract from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba. Unique ladynnosti natural ingredient – restore the elasticity of the epithelium, to reduce the negative effects of free radicals. Accelerates in the hair follicle, activates growth of new rod extends the telogen phase. Lashes longer stay in the bulb, less fall.

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