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Children are the flowers of life. Therefore, parents and all family members are trying to provide them with all the necessarythings since birth. Today we know what kind of things the kids needed from the very first days of life, and not only.
Parents, remember one big rule: do not need to rely on family and friends, because your child might not be thrilled with the things that they will present. You better have to know that your baby likes. This applies to children overhis age.
Also, never buy a lot of things. They're a couple of months and you do not need, and the funds will be spent on the wind. It is better to buy a pair of odezhek better.

What are the things you need to buy for a newborn?

  1. Disposablediapers . Some may argue about their advantages and disadvantages, but you will agree that now is not the invention is almost impossible to do. Imagine that you have done if you had to leave with the baby on the nature or pediatrician? Of course, there can not do without diapers;
  2.   Cot . It will serve you as long as the child does not come 2-3 years old. This is a great option because your child will have to have their own bed. And lull the baby in the crib is much easier;
  3. Detskie scales or scales for weighing infants . Perhaps someone thinks that it's not a necessary thing, but I will speak against it. Scales need to control body weight of the child permanently. So you can keep track of his physical development. This device is particularly needed for children up to 3 months when the child begins to razvivatsya;
  4. Breast Pump . If the mother is set to breast feeding and the baby is not going to put out, you do not need this device. However, if you study or work, it is simply necessary. You can choose any type of breast pump: electric or mechanical, single-phase or two-phase;
  5. Seat . It will ensure the safety of your children during the trip;
  6. High Chairs . This chair ofshall need for your child at the age of 5-7 months, when the child can sit on their own. By the way, he will serve up to 3 years.

There are many more things that are assistants for moms and dads. First of all, this:

  • Jumpers;
  • Musical Tableiki;
  • rocker;
  • Educational Toys;
  • Sun beds;
  • Walkers and pushers.

These things help to develop your child take the first steps, to touch and feel the items on thetouch for the first time, and also allow parents more time to rest. While our grandmothers were able to do without these things before, but our children need care and love. And we manifest it with intensive care for them.


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