Bath as a tool for weight loss

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Bathhouses, regardless of their type, have a positive effect on the human body. Visit them in order to be healedeniya, improve skin, cleanse the body. In addition, regular visits to the sauna promotes weight loss, especially if you combine it with proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Under no circumstances should not be confused with a sauna bath. Between them is a big difference in temperature and humidity. If the bathindicators make it 45-60 on C and 60-80% in the sauna temperature reaches 70-100 on C and the humidity is only 5-15%. That condition baths are optimal for weight loss because they cause sweating, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism. These processes are beneficial to the skin, reducethe appearance of cellulite. The reason is very simple. The reason for the appearance of cellulite is a slowing of blood flow and the liquid circulation disorders in the lymphatic system, which leads to hardening of the connective tissue. And when visiting bath improves blood flow, there is a softening of the connective tissue and, accordingly, reduces the manifestations tsellyulita.

Visiting bath to lose weight, you have to remember that in this case, the weight loss is due to the reduction of fluid in the body. In this regard, certain rules must be followed. First of all, do not linger in the bath for more than 7 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of problemsm health. It is better to warm up a few times, but not for long than once, but long. Total recommend doing no more than 5 visits.

Do not immediately after the pair jump into the pool or pour cold water. This will lead to a rapid narrowing of the long and slow sweating, which will reduce the effect of the sauna for weight loss. Esland as you visit bath as better after the pair put on a warm robe, and before the second run, take a warm shower to wash off the skin isolated sweat and salt. If possible, avoid drinking fluids, especially cold drinks. The ideal option would be a few sips of warm water with lemon or herbal tea. In no case do not drinkthose alcohol and sodas.

We should also refrain from eating the food. After a visit to the sauna to lose weight do not eat anything for a few hours. Then you can eat something light, such as vegetables, steamed or boiled chicken. Also, avoid eating in front of posescheniem baths, eat a light breakfast and give up coffee and tea.

In order to gain the desired effect is advised before entering the steam applied to the body of a mixture of salt (you can   marine) and honey. This recipe is used to increase sweating, active removal of toxins from the body and, of course, for the ballher rapid weight loss. Between calls in a steam bath can do wrap with honey or coffee mixture.

Do not forget that in some diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and others, visit the sauna is contraindicated. Be attentive to your body.

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