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Every athlete during training spendso a huge amount of energy that must be replenished daily. And replenishment of energy reserves should be effective, otherwise the effectiveness of training will fall. Get the necessary amount of energy is possible through vitamins, and those who are actively involved in sports, vitamins should be consumed in its pure form. Receivingnecessary nutrients through food, of course possible, but not very effective, as the body needs a few hours to ensure that split Eaten Foods and not the fact that you end up with the desired complex vitamins for a full workout. In this regard, consider what are the most important.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A certain called vitamin growth is not accidental. The thing is that he uchuvstvuyut in protein synthesis, which in turn are the building blocks of muscles. Accordingly, all those involved in bodybuilding or other sports where you want to build muscle, vitaminA should be used on a mandatory basis. The preparation can be taken in its pure form, and through the use of certain products. For example, the substance is contained in large amounts in the liver, cod liver oil, carrot.

Vitamins B1, 3 and 12

The B vitamins are okbe ordered complex effect on the human body. Thus, B1 involved in the formation of hemoglobin, which in turn is responsible for carrying oxygen in the body. If B1 is not enough, respectively, hemoglobin is produced is not as active tissues during physical exertion will experience a lack of oxygen, and it is powered byis negative consequences up to damage to the nervous system and brain cells. Consequently, the use of B1 again is a must for athletes.

B3 is responsible for normalization of metabolism. Depending on external influences metabolic processes can accelerate or decelerate and « command » on actiWiesaz gives B3. Besides B3 is capable of processing the adipose tissue into components and send formed as a result of the proteins on the growth of muscle fibers.

B12 controls the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. With normal B12 in the body metabolism is accelerated, which is important for intensive loads. Fats andglevody will be redistributed in the body much faster and will have no shortage of nutrients.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps the body absorb protein and is directly involved in the growth of muscle tissue. Moreover, if in the process of training you have stretched the muscles, ligaments, When a sufficient concentration of vitamin E regeneration process will be much quicker. At least as a result of small but frequent injuries you will not experience acute pain. Get vitamin E can be in pure form, and through products such as nuts, oatmeal, eggs, cereals.

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