When and under what circumstances appeared backpack?


Today we will talk about such tourist attributessuch as a backpack. And it will tell us about the Great AN - editor of the online store backpacks:. It is not known exactly when there was a backpack, but nobody even doubt that it is still in the sivuyu davninu for the king of peas, and sometimes even earlier. Relevance to the issue discovery made in 1992 in the Alpine glacier Similaune. Inquisitiveanthropologists are far from Innsbruck dug the frozen body of a prehistoric man, and contributed to the expedition following registry entry: "a man with a backpack."

As you have probably realized on the back of the person wearing the very well preserved leather backpack, which U-shaped frame made of 2 vertical wooden brUskov (probably made of hazel) played the role of the frame and connected to the bottom horizontal rungs provide rigidity. In this ancient traveler's backpack they found many of his personal belongings, which, in turn, have allowed anthropologists to establish the age of the discoveries, which, for a moment, somewhere in the year 2700 BC. e.From this it comes up, that the most ancient of found today backpacks about 5,000 years! Also a backpack:

  • was seen on the back and the wandering of Jesus Christ;
  • element of the equipment was the Roman legionaries;
  • during Peschof their marches formidable Knights Templar transferred their belongings in a wooden frame, which was fitted with a harness (it was nothing more than a prototype of easel backpack);
  • Indians in North America, equipped with soft forehead strap and straps usual maple board, and using the resulting transported constructionhis hunting trophies.

The term « rucksack » (from the German word « Rusksask »), the word will be said, can be translated as « bag that are behind & raquo ;. The closest to us, people with backpacks have become commonplace: the subject is firmly taken its place in almost all militaryized structures in the world. That war was invented almost all current varieties of backpacks. And it is quite logical, because the soldier must carry with it a lot of equipment, and all this in his hands to be a primary weapon, or they should be free.

After a time traveler's backpack apparently changed muchilsya — to replace the primitive frames of wood and skin came a steel frame and sturdy canvas, which then replaced with aluminum and Caproni. But first climbers and tourists wore backpack is military type.

As the first industrial backpacks, in Europe, they were due to the Americans, their zavёzshim here in 1914at the time the first World War. « bags » then it becomes an indispensable attribute absolutely zhyznedeyatelnosti in many areas, ranging from athletes and the military, and ending with the students, construction workers and other citizens.

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