How to choose a bra?


If you want to radically change your appearance: hide defects and understressing the dignity, the bra you in this very useful. Saman important here - to choose the right size and shape, and draw your attention to the fact, as you sit on a bra.

Determine the size

Initially, you need to just choose your style, size and length of the straps. RememberThat the cup should not compress the breast, but the bra should fit snugly encircle her.

The bra should not create folds across the chest and under the arms, crashing into the skin, it should be comfortable. Remember that a bra that was not picked up correctly gives the breast to sag and support her.

The bra should not squeeze blood vessels, interfere with breathing and the freedom of movement. Never buy a bra with the expectation that you will lose weight. When you lost weight - just buy a new.

In the case where the usual size for you suddenly found you cramped - not necessarily buy byustgaltep one size larger. In most cases it will be enough to buy a bra with a more rounded shape of the cup.

Be sure to look at the back of the bra:   as he sits, not too he climbs on your back.

Remove bra and look for any remaining traces of the skin straps - they are not to belzhno. By the way, if you have large breasts, you'd better choose the wide straps, thin as to be cut into the skin, and they do not hold the breasts.

First of all, look at how processed seams: nowhere and nothing should chop and grate. Also, do not be stuck in the body and bones bra.

To eachThe dress her bra

The model bra often dictates what kind of clothes we wear on top.

to the board, fitting your figure, your best option would be seamless thin bra with Lycra.

By their suits bestfit tight bra with foam and bones: it is able to emphasize the shape of the wearer even in heavy wool and tweed.

At the party best suited: bra straps with modeling or "Angelica" strapless.

Comfortable and very cute novelty for owners of large pilesand who love to dance: absolutely transparent, but highly reliable silicone straps that you can attach to your favorite bra, unless, of course, it provides the possibility of replacing the straps.

The Invisible Bra - represents has two Velcro pads special forms that are made of a special material. They nezametno give your breasts the desired firmness and fullness, support it, while leaving the back free. This bra is perfect for evening dresses with open back.

Sports Bras

The manufacturers of lingerie and hosiery sports and medical desigAchen were designed bras that regardless of their dynamism and intensity of training - firmly supports the breast.

In the process of creating these bras are using high-tech fabrics that absorb sweat. These include: cloth made of microfiber, which facilitates the body and felifin that gives thelu to breathe better than flax and cotton. Also it should be noted that these fabrics wrinkle and stretch well.

Another development is the terry cotton. This material is used for manufacturing gaskets for sporting clothes. Terry hlopokon almost instantly absorbs sweat, and when the jumpx or during your bust without additional tweaks remains stationary.

The one result that you get using expensive modern underwear for sports, just do not really get using an old bra that "do not mind".

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