Comparative analysis of power tillers and cultivators


According to the latest observations on yKrajina market mini technique stable demand Russian cars. For example, tillers "Mole" and "Neva" - cheap and superior in quality Ukrainian counterparts. In any case, they are in great demand than the Ukrainian. Or maybe it is not? Unfortunately, our factories offer us very little information. Therefore, we find it hard beforeleave full and accurate information about the design features Ukrainian mini technique, results of tests, as well as technologies of growing vegetables with it and other applications. As a serene summer evening the director of one of the factories that produce tillers, even promised to give your car in the drafting test,but the next morning he changed his mind.

Russian tillers

You can even sneer with sloppy design electric "Hope", but its functionality, simplicity and efficiency of the active hiller - is beyond doubt.

Motoblock "Mole "with a set of essential prichindalov Satisfactoryoryaet demand a significant part of truckers and farmers.

Tillers "Salute" - the most popular in Russia. One of the significant advantages of two-wheel tractor "Salute" is a 2 drive belts instead of one. The main advantage of two-wheel tractor "Salute" - gear reducer.

Note "correctness" of information from the manufacturerwalking tractor "Neva - 2K. This Tillers installed the same engine DM -1, and" Salyut 5D. "But if the data sheet on the" Salute "said real power 5.5 hp, the" Neva " also according to the data sheet, - for 8 liters.. This is - one of the examples of advertising trickery. After all, consumers can not verify the veracity of passport etc.op ponents.

Motoblock "Agros" has sleeves - shock absorbers. Therefore comfortable with him building-block trailer, dig potatoes, plow, mow the grass.

It seems that in Russia the period ending hunt for cheap fish to cook the same ear. More and more there is a serious buyers technique that can domore operations and more efficiently. An example is the Italian mini tillers with trailers that are already in full swing work in Russia. By the way, this technique has already been in. Such trailers attached to the motor-blocks weighing more than 50 kg, can carry up to 250 kg of cargo.

Tillers class "Salute" materially fromdiffer from single speed because they are aggregated with many accessories: woodworking machines, potato planter, brush, sprayer, tool for soil treatment, pump, fertilizer spreader, snow cleaner.

On the Russian tillers we know much more what about our relatives. Therefore, it Sachfrom talking about them. For example, in Russia produced many analogues "Neva", which are no less popular in the Russian territory, although in Ukraine of them know almost nothing.
Many tillers sold in Russian stores specialized equipment, it is easier for the "Neva", so the functionality they have less. But they have their own preimuschestva. For example, walk-behind "Cascade" is equipped with pressure lubrication connecting rod, which increases the service life of the engine. And although it is not a 4 + 2 assists and 2 + 2, but many buyers believe that the durability of the machine is more important. Yes, and it costs less.

willing to buy as tillers "Agro-Tech "and" Fortune ", in which there are no chains and belts. A new model of" MK-3B "is also interesting in that the engine is equipped with an oil pump and full-flow filter, there is a very real reason to hope for the longevity of the motor cultivator. < / p>

remained stable in the Russian market and popular in Ukraine"Mole". This walk-behind occupies an intermediate position between the tillers under the weight hundredweight ("Salute" and "Neva") and light type "Euro-2" and "Pro- fessor 502" and meets the demand of quite a few truckers and farmers. Make "Moles" three factories: Resurrection, Moscow and Omsk. In general, they have the same design, but buyers is given beforerespects still Moscow "mole", believing that Muscovites carefully keep the brand, and workshops willingly engaged in their repair. "Mole" is a single-speed (mole -1) and the rear transmission (Mole-2). At the request of the buyer's offer as "Mole" with electric drive or with imported engine.
With "Neva" compete successfully and Other Russiayskie tillers. For example, "Salute" in Moscow by sales ahead of "Neva", and is already beginning to displace it, and in St. Petersburg. "Salute" is quite significant and undeniable advantages to seriously push leader.

We are not advertise "Salute".Therefore draw your attention to the fact that, "Salute" has advantages over other, less sophisticated Russian tillers. But compared to the tillers of such companies as "Benassi", "Goldoni", "BCS", "Ferrari", "Agria", walk-behind any Russian inferior to them in all respects, except that the prices.
By Konstruktivnym shortcomings "Salute" include the lack of a differential in the gearbox, making it difficult to control this motor-block cornering.
From heavy tillers weighing more than 100 kg attracts attention Ufa "Agros". His Russian UMP -341 engine capacity of 8 liters. p. We heard only positive feedback. This class includesyatsya Belarusian and Ukrainian tillers MTZ "MB - 405" from the factory "Motor-Sich". When compare specifications and price tillers, the "Agros" significantly outperforms its rivals. If the plant is able to keep manufacturing quality at a decent level, this walk-behind can become a leader in the number of sales environmentsand heavy tillers. But we certainly cheer for their domestic producers, so wish him success Ukrainian Tillers "Motor Sich MB- 405". This walk-behind, we really like the design of its perspective, and we would like to fully support it and enjoy its entry into the market. But we did not get sick less and abouttechestvennogo consumer, so we pay for this lack of it, as a small engine power. With a weight of 180 kg two-wheel tractor (!) The engine power of just 5.5 liters. p. Compare: abroad the engine power is chosen at the rate of 0.7 ... 1.0 liters for every 10 pounds of total weight of the two-wheel tractor (by the way, gentlemen authors homemade, write it oncase where themselves will rivet motosapu). That is, in my walk-behind nice guys - Cossacks have to put at least 12 - hp engine, instead of relying on the fact that each of the iron "horse" will pull for two!

Import mini technique

import mini techniquein Russian stores specialized equipment and sufficient choice. Are more likely to catch the eye of Italian "V.S.S" German "Solo", "Gardena", "Einhell", American "MTD", Swedish "Husqvarna". Over the last 3-4 years significantly increased interest in perfect, albeit expensive technology. There is increasing buyers for tillers "V.S.S" value$ 2200-2600. Go to the Russian market tillers simplified design, such,   tillers of the Italian firm "Eurosystems". Three or four years ago, "Euro-2", for example, was worth 1.5 times more expensive "Neva", and now, when the demand for "Euro" fell, they already sell 20-30 percent cheaper than the "Neva". To revive demand for techniku, which is losing popularity, sellers resort to standard commercial techniques: Part tillers imported into Russia not only in the original red color, but also in orange and green (we know that the green symbolizes environmentally friendly goods) ... More from others went apparently, company store of the plant "Salute". In this storewith tillers simply remove stickers "Eurosystems" and glue on your own. After that, for example, walk-behind "Euro-2" Power has become a "Salyut-LK-1300", and gasoline "Euro-2" in the "Salyut-LC-35." The store said that because they sell quickly. Fires image "Salute".

And in general, yet we do not advise the readertoo long to wait until you get the perfect for the price and technical capabilities behind tractor. In each subsequent also be some disadvantages. So if you really need a walk-behind, choose yourself such shortcomings are not too bother you. Remember, life is short, and the eternal progress and improvement are no prethe case.

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