Confrontation Cameras Canon and Nikon


I suggest to get acquainted with the present-ern cameras from Canon for different levels of use.

The camera is an entry-level

In the market several brands Cameras - Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax. But market leaders SLR cameras is Canon and Nikon (see). This leadership is due in the firstturn, unsurpassed image quality, as well as lots of accessories and components (lenses, flashes, etc.). Confrontation Canon and Nikon, it seems, will never end. Every company wants to produce products not similar to the one that produced competitors. But it is necessary to develop a Canon unique feature that is capable of beingpermanently affect the choice of the user, like Nikon in the shortest possible time developing a similar function. And vice versa.

Such "differences" There are many more. You can see that this is not essential and the quality of the photo does not affect. Therefore, choosing between Canon and Nikon, know that from budget to top-end class and in one, and in other companiesSRI has many similar proposals. There is no difference in technical quality between cameras competitors, the model of the price range is removed exactly the same. The key difference is only in ergonomics (usability). Our advice: go to the nearest photo shop, grab a camera and try both brands catchesbe differences in their ergonomics - which camera in the hand is more convenient, in which all control buttons are "exactly where it is necessary to" try to take some pictures. Ergonomics is important, therefore, every company is working hard to form your camera. Believe me, in the male and female hand apparatus lie comfortably and to anyaspect you will get used over time.

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