Diseases of the eye: farsightedness

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Eyes - one of the most expensive treasures bestowed on us by nature. Sight need Azurech throughout life, because it is thanks to him that we draw a lot of information from the outside world, enjoy its beauty and to fully live. Therefore, even a slight blurred vision, excessive redness, burning or discomfort - a reason to see a doctor. Most visual anomalies and eye diseases are treatable and you canto regain perfect vision or improve it significantly. The main thing to take timely action, because the neglect of precautions can even lead to loss of vision. In ophthalmologic sanatorium "Periwinkle" will help to look at the world with new eyes. Modern equipment for diagnosis and comprehensive treatment, professionals, andindividual approach to each patient will provide good results and improve the recovery of view. And that was, you need to take care of it, do not overload, strengthen and nourish.

Professional doctors - ophthalmologists resorts "Periwinkle" shared their experiences and explained how to maintain vision in farsightedness, astigmatism, Kosogovlazii, initial cataract and glaucoma.


farsightedness (hyperopia), nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism - refractive error eye, in which the back focus of the optical system of the eye does not lie on the retina. Hyperopia is caused by optical attenuation withIstemi eyes and manifests as the inability to focus on a near object. To get rid of defects, it is necessary to move the focus on the retina. To do this, prescribe glasses with both positive collective lens. Farsightedness has the ability to decrease with an increase in the child, that is, if a child has mild hyperopia, then asgrowth, it can be corrected. Sometimes accompanied by a high degree of hyperopia amblyopia - underdevelopment of functional and often secondary character, can not be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. In such a case is assigned to a special treatment hardware to stimulate the visual functions. Farsightedness, nearsightedness and actigmatizm can correct laser correction. Such operations are assigned to adults 18 years of age, with stable vision when not change size of the eye. In some severe cases can be administered and surgical treatment of presbyopia.

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