Why traffic rules are so important


Rules haunt us for life, and Duties of themFollow the important, so we dictate our society, in which the lives of. Rules of the road is also quite important, because they are created in order to reduce the number of accidents and save lives. After all, today's cars are forcing us to create more rules and restrictions.

There are rules for a long time. Butprevious rules could simply amaze its strangeness, even were such a rule, that the boy had to be in front and his shout to warn people about what will soon be a large crew to be very noisy, and warned to ensure that people were not afraid to take to the streets when he bude pass. See you on the site pdd24.com.

Surveillance and control needed between pedestrians and carriages, in fact need to abide by the rules and those who do not watch them, must bear their punishment for all in accordance with law. &Nbsp; In ancient Rome, for example, moving chariots, the streets had only one-way traffic, and to comply with the rulesselect special caretaker, but then punish violators throughout the   rigor, so afraid to break the rules.

Nowadays punish such offenders in most cases a fine or civil works. This was the reason that the rules began to violate often enough, but check the knowledge is still nristalno. To get the rights you need to pass the Niemen tests and examinations, because sitting behind the wheel it is necessary to have an elementary knowledge, not to be a murderer and put behind bars. Therefore, we must carefully study the rules and use them in practice.

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