The importance of traffic rules


All the people are well aware of the importance of road Motioneniya. Therefore, it is clear that they must know every conscious person. Ever since childhood of studying such asu traffic rules when we are young are taught how to cross the road and public places, in what color. It's all called rules for ordinary pedestrians.

But when mi grow up and, for example, want to buy a car in order toget behind the wheel of his car simply need to get right. But in order to get these rights need to start to enroll and study in detail all the rules of the road for the driver. Such rules a lot, but for a driver's license they just need to know. Verification is performed by means of tests, and various surveys. By checking knowledge are quite responsible, because of this often directly affect the lives of many people who take part in the road.

These rules, like any other must be followed for this purpose, a special service, which at any time directly on the road checks that all the rules.In case of violation can beat some administrative responsibility, manifested in fines or corrective works. But if the driver or pedestrian accident the other car suffered or died immediately, then it will come about before the trial. The responsibility may be criminal. To avoid this you have to beat the utmost careth on the road and do not break the rules.

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