Solid fuel boilers and their classification


In Ukraine, solid fuel boilers are becoming topopularity of. Previously, these boilers were 2nd number and were only alternative to gas, but now they are seen as major, for example. If you look at the solid fuel boiler today, then - this is a serious machine, which passed all stages of perfection and became: easy to maintain, quite effective, which saves money. On segmentsodnyashny day solid fuel boiler can on the 1st boot burn from 3 to 36 hours. Also significantly increased diameter and firewood size used in solid fuel boiler (diameter of 15 - 20 cm and a length of 33 to 100 cm). Such a large amount of firewood can significantly sekonomit money and time when the workpiece. &Nbsp;

For class tverdotoplivnye boilers are divided into:

  • long burning;
  • pellet;
  • pyrolysis;
  • traditional.

For each of these types of solid fuel boilers have their lasttivity burning boiler on the 1st and loading efficiency. In addition, solid fuel boilers and different type of fuel that they can drown. One of the best in terms of process automation is a pellet solid fuel boiler. In turn, the type of fuel, boilers pellet may be divided into boilers: vacuum, and reciprocating screw feed. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. So on the 1st Bunker loading pellet boiler can sometimes burn for about 7 days. And, for example, in the pyrolysis solid fuel boilers ash sometimes throw 1 time for 14 days. A modern solid fuel boilers fueled with built turbines and fans.

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