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Why do I need to insure liability autocarrier goods?

This is important because all contractors (carriers, the sender and receiver) are interested in the safe shipping. But in spite of: road quality, professionalism carrier   and conditions of the contract - there is always a probability of getting financial losses through unsuccessful cargo transportation.

In this chain, the carrier is always a "link" and if there is a conflict it is very difficult to prove its the innocent. That is why insurance companies offer freight hauliers protection of civil liability.

To whom liability insurance available autocarrier?

Treaty of responsibility autocarrier have the opportunity to enter as individuals - private entrepreneurs and legal entities (companies) that are lawfully: provide transportation, rent or own the vehicles that will be carried out Freight.

What is jamHove?

In the event that the fault of the carrier, its partners, trusting Him goods suffer losses - insured cargo carrier's liability to the counterparty.

What is the insured event?

  • Additional Insured costs that occurred in transitcargo;
  • The financial losses that occurred during shipping;
  • The damage caused to third parties during shipping;
  • The loss of the cargo;
  • The damage and / or destruction of the goods;
  • According to the contract may be uninsurable.

The civil liability of road carrier comes as a result of the above events, and it ceases reason for insurance payments.

What is the amount of liability insurance autocarrier?

The amount of Straa dashed payments host selects cargo. It depends on the type of load and selected insurance risks.

Are there any restrictions on payments?

Of course, there are limitations. So in drafting contracts of liability insurance autocarrier Coverare:
Unconditional franchise, which depends on the type of cargo and the insured risk and the limits of liability of the insurance company to specific objects or insurance risks. These boundaries provide good protection at an affordable price, and enable the client to manage the cost of your insurance policy. In addition, you, along withyour insurance manager can see the different options and choose the best based on the ratio: conditions of insurance price.

What should be the amount of insurance liability autocarrier?

So the cost will depend on:

  • insurance risks;
  • Sum Insured;
  • Duration of the agreement;
  • The number of vehicles;
  • The size of the franchise;
  • The other conditions of insurance.
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