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Even a used Toyota Camry 40 retains all its essential dignity – prestige car business class and good in comparison with their competitors value for money. But the experience of operation of the car made it possible to identify the weaknesses of this model.


So Toyota Camry body 40 has an excellent resistance to corrosion, and it is strong enough that the driver is able to provide good protection – servismeny remember so many cases where after a serious accident car was completely defeated and no longer resisted repair, and passengers at the same time remainedalive. Renovated Body Arab and European versions do not have any difficulties, because the market can find a lot of cheaper non-original spare parts. And the situation is radically different from the American convertible and coupe Solara Convertible Solara, as well as with the Australian version of the Camry Aurion – a lot of them completely original partss and, accordingly, there can be problems with their presence.


When it comes to interior Toyota Camry 40, it is generously equipped and very spacious, which is typical of business class cars. On the "gallery" space above the head and feet enough to any healthyvyaku. There can sit comfortably at the same time even third big men. The main disadvantages include: problem with CD-receiver that arise when using the CD-ROM drive of unknown manufacturers, models with the hatch after some time often becomes loose its attachment, which in turn causes an unpleasant squeaking when travelingvehicle on uneven ground, it was also observed that the trunk lid broke off the cable remote opening of its castle, some time may appear creaking in the center console with armrest, armrest way often leaves from the elbow because it is not rigidly fixed.

The power unit

Among the used Toyota Camry 40 found only petrol powertrains. 2.4 and 3.3 liter engines – are time-tested assemblies, which are used more in the previous model, and have proven to be unproblematic. But as the 3.5-liter engine that delivers 1.5 tonnomu authora fairly good dynamics (acceleration to 100 km in 7.6 seconds), so it was not as reliable as his "younger brothers". Also in Ukraine is quite possible to find models with hybrid power plants (hybride). But we must remember that the most important condition for long-term operation of the hybrid powertrain is driving regularly - this is necessary in orderto charging / discharging of the traction battery held without interruption, as in the case of prolonged shutdown (more than 30 days) can cause serious problems.


As for the manual gearbox, the Toyota Camry 40 it was only installing only the cheapest versionsand "American" cars, and it has proved to be trouble-free and reliable. The same thing we can say about a 5-speed automatic gearbox. But the 6-speed automatic transmission may give you unpleasant surprises, however, it can occur only at a late replacement oil.


Bolshinstvo consumables 2 suspensions Toyota Camry 40 can withstand up to 200,000 km mileage even on our roads, and often you will change sleeve stabilizers (which will have to change after every 30,000 - 40,000 km). But stabilizer rack kept longer - up to about 100,000 miles. Steering problems can arise with wasngom high pressure, and there are questions as to the brake system. In addition, after the 100,000 - 150,000 km in the rear suspension you will need to replace the sleeve longitudinal rods.

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