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I remember how 10 years ago the author of the article was a glass-free balcony on the third floorHouse panel. All the charm in the form of a terrible cold in the winter, snow drifts of snow or puddles of water on the balcony, we will not describe, but even so the expected glazing not brought significant improvement. Of course, the balcony was dry, warmer in the apartment, due to the resulting air bag, but crucially heat problem is not solved, and ASIClzovat balcony for food storage in the winter (which he actually needed) is not always possible due to the low temperatures. Fundamentally solve this issue can be achieved by proper heat and waterproofing balconies. But ? This process is complex, requiring compliance with any and all factors. The main enemyhere - it's a rush, because the installation of energy-efficient glazing without insulation of walls balcony (or vice versa) will not give absolutely no result except frustration. Warming of the balcony can be done even on their own, but it is important to observe the following points (in the correct order):

  • Setka energy-saving glass;
  • seal all possible cracks and gaps;
  • insulation material selection. Depends on this energy-saving properties and the nature of the installation. Most often used for insulation sheets polystyrene or mineral wool;
  • Hydro, steam, and sex, which is necessary in order to avoid the appearance of fungi;
  • insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling. It all depends on the type of insulation and other aspects (eg, laying floor heating systems), and therefore can be wet (adhesive bonding, filling the floor) or dry (installation toarkasnoy design) method;
  • finishing internal surfaces.

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