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Politics and show business have, in principle, have much in common, despite the different scope and urAries influence on society. This is a mind and politics and show business as bright, strict, beautiful, and really, it's just a mask for society grandstanding. This policy is not ostentatious, lowdown, consisting of backroom agreements, tenders, concessions. Here everything is in show business, does not depend on the real social needcertain decisions, and benefit from, which you can have from this. Such decisions, agreements are often made in terms of strength, power, influence, which is not possible in principle, without qualities such as credibility, communication and dirt on colleagues. If the first two qualities, in principle, depend on the personal characteristics of the person, it compromisest is a kind of safety rope, not allowing too much pull on the reins. Fishing expeditions - it is the same constant activity as eating. This is vital information for anyone, I try to stay a little longer at the top of this "dirty pyramid." Particularly active in this process occurs during the acute political boronby or on the eve of the election that is just happening now in Ukraine, the most interesting way compromising please visit . And if you add more and military operations in the east of the country and the associated loss of human and economic resources, we have on television every day played its compromisemetiram Santa Barbara. Wins in this competition who more skillfully uses techniques and methods of collecting compromising or someone who can create this compromising, taking advantage of adminresurasa or media.

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