What is compromising information or simply compromising

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- is one of the most important instruments of influenceon any of the public, those in power, or simply located at the desired position (or engaged in activities necessary) face. This information is carefully collected and used by competitors to influence the object of compromising in order to promote certain issues. As a rule, any incriminating material (documents, photos, videozRecording, recording conversations, etc.) is a information that is not made public and carefully concealed from the public, law enforcement, because of its illegality (in the moral or legal terms). Value compromising information increases in direct proportion to the social, political, professional status peopleovek. Accordingly, the higher the value of compromising, the more devastating consequences it has for the person who is the object. This group includes politicians, officials, law enforcement officials in high ranks, big businessmen, and so on. D. However, there is a group of public figures, say, to put it mildly, scandiumbelorussian (shocking) reputation that disclosure of personal compromising materials only adds to the popularity of social media and communication. It actually is their bread and due to this they survive. Methods of collecting compromising absolutely varied and depend on the shape of the materials. This may be the object of surveillance of the use of funds audio and videoand cameras. Also widely used computer technology to access your personal information, it is imprudent stored on personal gadgets person.

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