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I'm sure everyone has heard the story of the Bible Vavilonskoy tower, of a time when all the people understood each other, speaking the same language. Whatever it was, since escaped a lot of water and independently believes someone in the story if not, people speak different languages. In such a situation of mutual understanding, including on the business level, it is necessary either to learn a foreign language, or contactos the help of a professional translator, and even better to specialize. These are people whose job it is making the most correct translations of documents. Correctness and conciseness in this matter is important, because it affects the understanding of the parties. If, for example, in the school made an error in translation, it could ofTraz only estimates, but if you make a mistake in the translation of the international treaty, it will make very problematic understanding of the motives of the parties of the contract and conflict resolution. Any more or less serious translation agencies in their work makes a bias on certain areas, but there is a category of transfers that are common orare most in demand in the market. These categories include:

  • Written themed specialized translation . A feature of this translation is precisely its thematic component (technical, legal, and other sports);
  • instny translation . Sometimes sequence (translation done after pronounced finished piece original speech) and synchronous (translation without pauses, parallel speaker);
  • translation notarial documents ;
  • translation of documents for predostated to the consulate .

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