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Decking is off the cold rolled sheet thatmade of galvanized metal, it can be attributed to solid fences, and use frequently, it is for the construction of the fence, though it is also used for the roof.

trapezoidal sheet allow us to make the fence resistant to adverse weather conditions and external influences and make it durable. These sheets are easy enough tiredjoin and do not need to be repaired, if necessary, the sheet simply change to the new.

Very often the buyer is faced with a problem: how to choose. And make the right choice will help you mark by which determine the basic parameters of corrugated board.

So to refer to the product type, the following letters:

  • H – bearing type of construction (it is used for roofing);
  • NA – Universal design type (it is used for wall protections and roofing);
  • C – withTenova list (it is used for the construction of fences and walls).

After the letters are numbers. Since most 1st digit indicates the height of the product, 2nd – the width of the sheet, and the third – the thickness of the metal from which made profiled. True fully believe this labeling is not necessary, because everywhere there are nyuansy, for example: sheet C21 has higher stiffness parameters than profiled C8, but at the same time, it has a smaller living space. Conclusion: on the same fence, you will need much less sheets C8, but at the same time, decking C21 stronger and has a more interesting texture. Then what is profiled to choose for your fence? VybiParadise material you need to pay attention to the color, thickness and stiffness of metal. High-quality corrugated board should have a thickness of 0.4 to 0.7 mm.

Also, you need to know that the number on the label, which denotes the thickness indicates only the size of the metal, and the coating of the polymer, it does not account for. When you buy the material neededvery carefully inspect decking: make sure that its integrity is not broken, the sheets are smooth, have the same coloring and made of galvanized steel.

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